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The Sleek Art of Affiliate Marketing

If you discovered this page on affiliate marketing tips through a search engine, then it has accomplished its goal.

Affiliate marketing is the Internet form of advertising sales. This is the revenue stream for many web sites that don't sell their own products. Instead, affiliate web sites sell products from other companies, like Walmart, Macy's, Travelocity and other top brands.


Advertising model upside down

Affiliate marketing is made up of four main groups:

  • publisher- the web site that hosts content and advertising
  • advertiser- the company that sells a product, service, or pays for some action from the publisher's web site
  • visitor or customer- the publisher's web site visitor becomes a customer on the advertiser's web site
  • affiliate network- the marketing entity that manages both advertisers and publishers

In the traditional world of advertsing in print, radio and televison, a business pays upfront for ad space or commercial time. In the world of Internet affiliate advertising, the publisher usually bears the upfront cost of designing and hosting an advertiser. The publisher only gets paid, usually, by commission, when the advertiser makes a sale.

When a web site visitor clicks on an ad link or banner on a publisher's web site, the link is directed to the company web site. If the referral ends in a sale, the publisher will be paid a commission or fee. Some companies will credit the sale up to 30 days after the visitors is referred.

This web site is supported through the partnerships with several hundred advertisers. See our list of affiliate marketing advertisers.

Attending Affiliate Marketing Conferences

The best way to learn about the affiliate marketing industry is to attend one of dozens of conferences held around the U.S. and U.K.

While the registration cost is often steep (from $500-$1000 or more), the events are packed full of speakers, breakout sessions, social networking, lunches and some dinners, and often lots of alcohol.


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