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By Wendy Croix

Furthering your career in Arizona

Business is booming in Arizona, the state with the second fastest employment growth in the nation.  Most non-farm workers in Arizona have jobs in services, wholesale or retail trade, or construction--and most of these jobs are linked to tourism. 

Manufacturing, too, employs many Arizona workers. As a result, reaching your career goals in Arizona has never been easier, since Arizona offers a variety of educational opportunities.

Reaching your career goals through Arizona's colleges and universities

If a BA or beyond will help you in furthering your career, Arizona's largest universities--the University of Arizona at Tucson and Arizona State at Tempe (with branch campuses in Mesa and Glendale)--give you the education you want.

Glendale has a graduate school of international management, if that's your style. You can get a top notch career education at Northern Arizona University at Flagstaff, ranked as a top university for Latinos.

Arizona also has a healthy network of community colleges and small universities, if an AA degree or a more personal educational experience better fits your career goals.

The Arizona Workforce Connection

The Arizona Workforce Connection gives you access to an extraordinary variety of accredited vocational schools and other worker training resources. Want to be a personal trainer?

You can join this fast-growing profession at the National Personal Training Institute in Phoenix. If you're a hands-on person, you can learn as a landscaping apprentice in Tucson. In fact, the Arizona Department of Education has vocational schools in every county in Arizona to help you reach your career goals.

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