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Arizona time shares now marketed as packages

In today's economy there are few discount timeshare presentations in Arizona, except for newer companies like Diamond Resorts.

Time share vacation promotions were a great way to experience a destination location while making a property decision.

Hotels and resorts that once brought time shares to a new way to share ownership, now offer cheaper discount packages for short-term get a ways at a portion of the price of a timeshare.

The popular resorts, Wyndham and Marriott have web-only deals that gives customers the chance to browse all properties, check details and rates without the gimmicks or time share presentations.

Current Arizona Mini-Vacation & Time Share Offers

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Sedona's red rocks a lure

Arizona in the summer is not as severe as imagined. Most people golf in the morning, lounge inside in the afternoons (the malls, the pool, etc.) and spend the evenings out on the town.

Sedona, Arizona is well known for its mystic aura and red rock mountains. Sedona is fast becoming a hot spot in the northern part of the state where the weather is milder. Sedona timeshares are more affordable than higher end Scottsdale.

Scottsdale is an upscale community just west of Phoenix. Scottsdale is one of the state's most popular vacation destinations. The Scottsdale time share market has also largely become a vacation rental instead.

In Southern Arizona, Tucson is a more affordable vacation destination with many resorts offering better promotions than timeshare obligations.

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