Restaurant food makes me sick. I have RISI.

Have you recently dined out and, shortly afterwards, your stomach starts to growl, maybe some gas or maybe even worse? You might have not paid much attention, except when it happens more often than not.

Recently, I noticed that the chicken parmesan, sirloin, prime rib, hamburgers, tacos, onion rings, fries, breads, soups, even fish prepared at my favorite restaurants started to make me feel ill less than two hours after consuming. The grumbling would start, maybe even a slight headache or uncomfortable feeling, strong stomach cramps, sometimes nausea, and it would end with a quick trip to the bathroom. The next day, I’d feel drained, fatigued and my stomach would feel irritated. Oddly, it only seemed to happen when I dined out at specific casual restaurant chains. At home, those symptoms would almost never happen.

I blamed the restaurant food. Maybe the meat or chicken was old, or the sauces were too rich or spicy. But, the reaction was always the same. I felt ill afterwards. That pattern seemed too obvious this past year. What has changed in my health or with the foods I am eating when I go out? Is it a food allergy or something worse with my digestion system?

The dining out experience has quietly been evolving. Over the past years, restaurants have been switching their oils from those with trans fats to soy. Most people haven’t noticed. But, soy-sensitive stomachs do.

A quick search on the web reveals many more people with similar symptoms. Many suggested that the cooking oils and base for sauces used in many restaurants have recently changed and may cause allergic-type reactions. The suspect– soy.

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