The Partridge Family Tree Branches Out With the Premiere of the Updated Series, 'The Partridge Family,' Premiering Saturday, January 22 at 8pm*

NEW YORK, Jan. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- The wait is over. The search for the new Partridge Family has ended and the pilot episode is complete and ready to draw in a new generation of Partridge fanatics.

With America's help, the new modern day Partridge Family was chosen in VH1's seven episode reality series "In Search of the Partridge Family". The "family" was immediately whisked away to begin rehearsals for a sitcom pilot which will premiere on Saturday, January 22 at 8pm.

"The Partridge Family," a TV hit from 1970-1974, chronicled the adventures of America's beloved pop star family. Today's version of "The Partridge Family" tells an updated story of the musically talented group who have their own unique and uncompromising way of realizing their rock 'n roll dreams. The pilot episode will introduce and follow the family as they embark on all new adventures.

Keith Partridge (Leland Grant), manager of the family band, tries desperately to land their first gig. Little brother Danny (Spencer Tuskowski) doesn't think Keith is a good manager, so he secretly shops out the family demo to Hollywood agents. By accident, Danny manages to score an audition for family representation with a slick major industry agent, Reuben Kincaid, played by French Stewart, of "Third Rock from the Sun."

During their performance, Reuben barely pays attention, but soon changes his tune after he is fired from his high profile employer. He hurries to the Partridge family house and decides to represent them. He is taken in by the family and helps out in their first real gig. An unexpected treat is also in store when Papa Partridge (a surprise star cameo!), not seen in the original series, stops in to see how the family is doing.

Following is a description of each Partridge family member and the new actor that was cast for that role.

"Shirley Partridge" is Suzanne Sole who was chosen by America for the role during the In Search of the Partridge Family. Shirley is the ultimate iconic rock mom who keeps the family in line with love and song.

"Keith Partridge" is played by Leland Grant. Keith is a teen heartthrob and lead singer who means well but never seems to get things to work out right.

"Laurie Partridge" is America's sweetheart and played by Emily Stone.

"Danny Partridge" is Spencer Tuskowski. Danny is the younger brother who is always scheming and plotting.

"Chris Partridge" is portrayed by Anthony Skillman. Chris is the youngest boy.

"Tracy Partridge" is portrayed by Hannah Leigh Dworkin. Tracy is the youngest girl.

"Reuben Kincaid" in this version is portrayed by comedic actor, French Stewart. Reuben is the band's manager who often clashes with Danny Partridge.

"The Partridge Family" is produced by Sony Pictures Television. David Cassidy also serves as co-executive producer.

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Source: VH1

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