Joan Rivers dies at 81

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Joan Rivers at 23

"CAN WE TALK?" with Joan Rivers in 1983

This interview with Joan Rivers was done in 1983 with the release of her album on Geffen and Warner Bros. Records. Joan Rivers passed away at age 81 on August 28, 2014.

Joan RIvers in 1983

Joan Rivers is a blonde, vibrant 23 year-old who grew up in a church or temple (check one) where she met Jennifer Holliday. They both shared many laughs, not to mention clothes. They did not share meals.

Says Joan: "I think this album is a change in direction because it's the real me. I want to thank all the wonderful people at Geffen and Warner Bros. Records. And what city are we in today?"

She's been called everything from a walking "National Enquirer" to the funniest woman in America by many people, including her husband the first time he saw her undressed. The only thing she was never called was for a date on prom night.

When asked about Carnegie Hall, her many hostings on "The Tonight Show" and all her Las Vegas . appearances, Miss Rivers - always a lady and always gracious - said, "I don't want to talk about that shit."

Joan RIvers in 1983"What I want to talk about is my start in show business. The clubs I began in were the worst. I remember one that was so bad, the girl singer was Jack Dempsey. And my act was terrible. I was heckled by mutes."

"But it was at clubs like that where I learned the three most important things in my career - leave them laughing, make sure the check is good, and always paper the toilet seat."

Many of Joan Rivers' insights have come from her childhood.

"My parents hated me. My mother bought me my first bath toy - a radio. And my father? His nicest compliment ever to me was at least you've stopped shedding."

And now, Joan tackles every area of life for one comic touchdown after another on her new album, What Becomes A Legend Most? It's everything from U.F.O. sightings to going to the gynecologist. Nurses and stewardesses to Prince Charles and Princess Di. And rock stars to her trampy high school friend Heidi Abromowitz.

"I'm proud of my new record," says Miss Rivers. "It's so shiny and round and black is my favorite color."

And because she's so proud of the record, she has insisted that we not send the "Official" Geffen Records Biography.*

Heading into the record business full-speed ahead, Joan Rivers has already acquired her first groupie. "Okay, so he's around 85, but he thinks young. He's given me a sense of self-worth, not to mention this ring ... and herpes."

* The joke's on Joan. We're sending you the official Geffen Records Biography anyhow.

Joan Rivers interview courtesy of Geffen Records, 1983.
Photos by Harry Langdon Photography.

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