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Tips on Trump's Management and Leadership Style

Donald Trump's "In-Your-Face" style wins

Since Donald Trump declared his run for President of the United States, public interest inTrump's leadership style has increased. Does the Donald follow what he preaches?

According to insiders, Donald J. Trump is a far more righteous leader than he is given credit. In truth, it seems “The Donald” may not be as much of a tough guy as the Donald Trumpworld makes him out to be.

Although it may come as a surprise to most of America, Donald Trump’s long time employees describe him as a strong yet merciful leader.

Trump's management style is a formula- and it can be an "in your face" style with some empathy. He projects that attitude on the Presidential campaign trail.

“Not only is he fair, but he is absolute. When he’s forced to make a decision he thinks about it carefully, and just as he does in the show, Mr. Trump will confer with the appropriate personnel whenever there’s an unproductive or anti-productive issue to be resolved. If he weren’t a successful real estate developer, I think Mr. Trump would make an excellent Supreme Court judge,” an anonymous associate of the Trump Organization confides.

Several other employees of the Trump Organization were also fast to defend their leader's integrity, an act that speaks volumes concerning Trump’s “in your face” management and leadership style.

According to actual Donald Trump employees, he’s very much like the man you see on the show, but he’s also a man filled with genuine compassion beyond anything the cameras could ever show -- yet the media never picks up on the good press.

Trump's employees say he works hard to keep his kindness out of the spotlight, but in truth he is far more generous than his reputation would lead anyone to believe.

What makes Donald Trump tick management-wise? His personality extrudes confidence and reverence. Whether you believe what he says, or not, he asserts himself as though he were right every time (even when he may not be correct).

Trump's leadership among his employees and business partners was self-taught. He says he worked hard and developed his own style- molding it along the way to fit the situation.

For awhile, Trump had a leadership and management style education system. Trump University, however, had problems outside of its excellent courses. His classes were offered online with study materials. Now, most of that information can be obtained through Trump's line of motivational books and tapes. A full line of educational production, lessons and leadership materials care located at the Donald Trump section from Amazon.com.

Donald Trump's "Master of the Deal"

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Trump's leadership style is a magnet

Donald TrumpJust before getting married, Donald Trump closed a deal with Learning Annex.com for a record breaking $1 million dollars an hour ($16,000 a minute!) to speak for them at their 2005 Real Estate Wealth Expos in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago.

On the season premier of “The Apprentice,” a member of the winning team asked Trump about the story of a middle aged couple who stopped to help when Donald’s trusty limo broke down on a deserted highway outside New York City.

Trump showed genuine signs of humility as the contestant asked if he had really paid off the mortgage on that helpful couple’s home after they rescued him.

Seeming almost embarrassed, Trump admitted to the kind act, but most people refuse to believe this stern business tycoon could ever show compassion beyond that of his immediate family and inner circle cronies. So while this “Boss Hog” persona would seem to be a handicap for most marketers, Trump has turned it into a true windfall of money and respect.

Donald Trump’s leadership style has turned “The Apprentice” into a powerful magnet for thousands of young entrepreneurs, many of whom credit Trump with teaching them important lessons for business success.

One season is perhaps the most interesting of all. It featured two teams from opposite sides of the business spectrum. "Team Magna" is made up of highly educated college graduates while "Team Net Worth" consisted of players with only high school diplomas.

While players on both teams are considered successful within their chosen fields, those without the college degrees hold a personal net worth three times higher than that of the college educated team according to Donald Trump.

During the premier episode, the “High Schoolers” squarely beat the “Ivy Leaguers” with their Burger King marketing campaign. Each team had to pick a new Burger King product to promote, and it was Team Net Worth that combined pure innovation with true grit to create a marketing campaign that blew the college crowd out of the water.

The Apprentice” has become an extension of the American Dream.

Each contestant believed (he or she) has that “special something” that might put each of them over the top. Though every contestant feared the wrath of Mr. Trump, each player also respected his ability to see the bare untold truth within his subordinates.

Albany, NY (PRWEB) January 24, 2005

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