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This page is preserved from 2007 when Trump University was in operation. It is now closed and the subject of at least one lawsuit. The Entertainment Magazine does not endorse any statements made about TU.


Donald Trump is one of the world’s most famous businessmen. The name Trump is synonymous with success.

One thing that most people have in common is a desire to become wealthy. Trump University shows you how to become financially independent. Donald Trump shows you how to win in business, management and leadership.

Advance your professional life, skils, and style with an array of career success courses from Trump University. From job-hunting strategies to working directly with a certified career coach.


Trump University

Trump University is a dynamic business education company that delivers the knowledge and experience of Donald Trump and his hand picked team of experts in a world-class curriculum.

Learn Donald Trump's Secrets to Building a Fortune starting from Entrepreneurship 101 to Building Wealth 101 and Marketing 101 at Trump University.

Join Trump U and team up with the world’s fastest growing education company:

  • 400,000 members
  • 100,000 students representing over 100 countries worldwide.
  • 100 education programs including audio courses, e-learning products, live seminars and coaching sessions.
  • Over 5 million business audio and video downloads.

TrumpU: Learn entrepreneurship, management, real estate and wealth creation

Real Estate: real estate investing is the best wealth-builder in the world. The faculty at Trump University shares their proven techniques for investing in this powerful asset. Learn the same step-by-step strategies the masters in real estate use to make their millions.

Entrepreneurship: Trump University seeks to bridge the gap with courses designed to give you hands-on experience in the real world and to turn the school into a resource for business leaders.

Management: If you want to be a manager that can take a business all the way to the top, you absolutely need to know the information necessary to make the right decisions.

Wealth Creation: Getting rich in this country takes a sensible and sane approach, and learning from successful business leaders who have already beaten you to the punch.

Trump University Online

At Trump University you will learn by doing. Each online course includes assignments that consist of work that a real professional would do. Why did TrumpU design the courses this way instead of simply telling you about the subject? People learn by doing. Lectures are convenient for professors and universities but they are not really an easy way to learn.

To accommodate your schedule, courses are self-paced. After you have purchased your course, you may start taking it immediately, and you will have as much time as you need to complete it.

Trump University courses, designed according to the Learning by Doing methodology, provide an in-depth learning experience. Each course is structured around assignments that must be completed. The assignments take many forms, but they always require your active participation. In addition to the assignments, there are sections containing additional resources and other areas in the course where you can enhance your skills and knowledge.

On the TrumpU web site, members can also access online technology:

Discussion Groups: The TrumpU Dialog enables you to connect with other like-mined TrumpU members from all over the world. You can find solutions to problems, get new ideas, and seek career advice. So share your thoughts -- tell it like it is, but don't lecture -- and hear what others have to say.

The Trump Blog: Read ideas and opinions directly from Donald Trump himself. Also, blogs from the TrumpU faculty. Continuously updated and archived for later reading online.

About Trump U

Here’s what you should know about Trump University (from the TrumpU website).

Our mission is to teach you success.

The best courses and programs + an impressive list of been-there, done-that faculty + an ironclad guarantee = a really powerful resource for business education and professional development. Some educational resources have great content.

Some have a smart and eclectic community of members. Some offer educational experiences you can immediately apply to the real world and yield results.

We combine all three:

  • Smart content.
  • A thriving community.
  • A learn by doing approach.

We’ve been here since 2005, and we’re always looking ahead. Business people demand education they can apply to the real world, today.

We teach real-world education differently than traditional educational institutes do. We believe people absorb more efficiently and faster when they learn by doing.

What we’re proudest of: Giving people the knowledge they need to succeed.


About Donald Trump:

Donald J. Trump is the chairman of Trump University, and the chairman and president of The Trump Organization

Mr. Trump continually set new standards of excellence while expanding his interests in real estate, world-class hotels, gaming, sports, and entertainment. He is personally involved in everything his name represents. This commitment has made him a world renowned figure, and the preeminent developer of quality real estate.

The Trump's vast holdings include, among many others: Trump Tower, Trump Plaza, Trump Palace, and The Trump Building on Wall Street (home of Trump University).

Mr. Trump has authored a number of books, including: The Art of the Deal, The Art of the Comeback, How to Get Rich, The Way to the Top, The America We Deserve, and Think Like a Billionaire. He has a syndicated radio program that can be heard on more than 400 Clear Channel Radio stations; and he is the producer and star of the hugely popular television show, The Apprentice.

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Think Like an Entrepreneur
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Donald J. Trump's Top 10 Books for Entrepreneurs
Great advice from classic leaders like
Sun Tzu, Vince Lombardi, and,
of course, Donald Trump himself.

Learning Products
Home Study Courses, online group courses and self-assessements

Books, Audio Courses,
Best Sellers and eBooks
Donald Trump University merchandise
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Trump University does accept international orders, however orders from outside the United States are limited to courses and assessments (both of which are exclusively online).


Trump: How to Get Rich
New Trump University programs:

Start Up Mastery

Marketing Mastery Program

Increase your profits.
Target your efforts.
Engage your customers.

Home Study Course

Art of Buying a Business

Control your future.
Enjoy the rewards of business ownership.
Buy a business today!

Start Up Mastery

Entrepreneurship Mastery Program

Fire your boss.
Launch your own business.
Start right here!

Real Estate Program

Real Estate Investor Training Program

The most comprehensive, results-oriented program for real estate investment ever

Audio Course

How to Build a Fortune

Donald Trump gives you the plan for the success you want

Outline Course

Trump Way to Wealth 

Donald Trump & experts
Outline Courseshow you how to build your fortune!
7 Web Seminars (Downloads)

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