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Annual Buffalo Bill Cody Days in Oracle Postponed

Buffalo Bill Cody Days in Oracle

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the closure of the Oracle Inn venue, and the passing of one of the event founders, the 2021 Buffalo Bill Cody Days in Oracle, Arizona has been suspended until further notice. Unfortunately, too many obstacles make it impossible to hold this year's event.

The Story of Buffalo Bill and his Gold Mines Near Tucson

World-renowned 19th Century entertainer William Frederick “Buffalo Bill” Cody visited Oralce, Arizona often during the last decades of his life. Cody owned several mines at Campo Bonito on the far north edge of the Santa Catalina Mountains, near the YMCA’s Triangle Y Ranch Camp.

The mines produced tungsten used by Thomas Edison for his light bulb filaments. As a by-product, they also produced silver and some gold. While visiting his mining camp, Cody would search the Catalina Mountains for the legendary Iron Door Mine with his friend William Neal, the owner of the local Mountain View hotel in Oracle (the building still stands as an abandoned church). He reportedly carried around a pure gold nugget in his pocket as proof of the value of his mines.

Cody spent his last winter years until 1917 in Oracle, managing his mining claims. He often stayed at a little house at Campo Bonito with the miners for weeks at a time while his wife, Louisa, waited at the comfortable Mountain View hotel in Oracle, a few miles away. On several Christmas days, Cody played Santa Claus to the mineworkers’ children in Oracle.

There were even rumors in Washington of a possible Senate run for the new State of Arizona. Though intrigued at the prospect, Cody did not pursue the office. A reporter commented how out of place Cody would look in Congress with his long hair and Western wear. 2021 would mark the 104th anniversary of the Cody’s passing in January 1917.

Cody Days in Oracle Celebrations

Flint Carter and Robert Zucker organized the first Cody Days in Oracle event in 2016 at the Oracle Inn, and formed the Santa Catalina Historical Preservation Program through SAI to preserve local history and legends of the Santa Catalina Mountains. Carter spent over four decades prospecting the Santa Catalina Mountains and held over 100 mining claims in the mountains. Zucker is a former newspaper publisher, university instructor, and author. Both have published books on the Catalina Mountains. For free download PDF samples of his book on the "Treasures of the Santa Catalina Mountains," scroll down.

With the December 2018 death of the events' founder, William “Flint” Carter, Buffalo Bill Cody Days in Oracle continued in 2019 and 2020 sponsored through Southwest Alternatives Institute, Inc.(SAI), a non-profit organization founded in Tucson in 1977.

For more information about Buffalo Bill Cody Days call 520-623-3733 or email [email protected]. Buffalo Bill Cody Days poster designed by Ross Horwitz, Ross the Magician.

Flint Carter during 2018 Cody Days in Oracle.

Photo: Co-founder Flint Carter at the 2018 Cody Days in Oracle. Flint passed away the following December. Photos by Carolyn & James Barnett.

Robert E. Zucker at 2017 Cody Days in Orcle.

Robert Zucker, author of "Treasures of the Santa Catalina Mountains."

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Download Free Book on the Santa Catalinas

Treasures of the Santa Catalina Mountains

Treasures of the Santa Catalina Mountains

Written by Robert Zucker with collaboration from Flint Carter

Explore the Santa Catalina Mountains in a way you never seen them before. "Treasures of the Santa Catalina Mountains" is a large collection of the legends and history of the Catalina Mountains. Learn the story of the Iron Door Mine, the Lost Mission and the Lost City. Hundreds of pages cover hundreds of years in the search for gold, silver and copper. Was there a Lost Escalante Mine or Mine with the Iron Door? Who started the legends? Is there still gold in the mountains?

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Treasures of the Santa Catalina Mountains

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