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Is an online degree a better option?

Online degrees make career change or advancement convenient.

If your job makes it hard to get to a campus, then online study can help you get the career education you need. Just make sure your online degree is from an accredited program.

If you are searching for a school to further your education, browse through our selection of well known educational institutions.

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Expand your horizons with a degree, upgrade your skills, or explore a new career.



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Culinary Schools

Top 10 Culinary Schools

Health-related education and careers

Find out more about new career opportunities in the health field with complimentary information from top schools in the nation.

We have compiled some background on popular and developing medical careers in medical administration, billing and surgery techincal fields.

Careers in the dental fields are also expanding as technology advances. FInd out more about dental career opportunities.

Top 10 Interview Do's and Don'ts for Job Seekers

For many professionals one New Year's resolution is finding the perfect new job or even switching careers. Axelrod says that the common mistakes made by people who haven't interviewed for a while and are out of practice are easily correctable. Below is his list of Top 10 Interview Do's and Don'ts to help job seekers in their quest for that perfect job. Continue reading...


Search A School Near You. A full list of schools in your area will let you check out each campus before you request information. Update Your Degree. Get Certified in hundreds of degrees in Auto, Digital, Dental, Film, Health, Nursing and more.

Culinary arts degree from the Art Institute cooking schools

culinary schools

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The International Culinary Schools at The Art Institutes, is North America’s largest system of culinary programs offered at most of the Art Institutes schools nationwide.

Students: Hands-on education and applied arts with master’s, bachelor’s and associate’s degree programs as well as nondegree programs.

Employers: A source of culinary, design, fashion and media arts professionals.

Find Art Instituteschoolschool locations near you, including Vancouver, Canada. See more on The Art Institute.

DeVry University

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devryDeVry University is an accredited university offering you the flexibility of 90+ locations, online courses and a wide variety of associate, bachelor's and master's degree programs.

Whether you earn your degree on campus, online, or through a combination of both, you'll find small classes and personal attention from experienced and respected professors focused on one thing – your educational and career success. See more on DeVry University.

Search for a Job at Beyond.com

Career Search - Beyond.com

Find a New Job with the Beyond.com Career Network, the world’s largest network of niche career communities providing access to thousands of top-tier industry and local web sites. Free Job Seeker Tools - Click here to start now!school


Increase your earning potential

Health-related Education & Career Information: Administration, Billing, Coding, Surgical Tech

Dental education opportunities

What does it take to be a good, basic auto mechanic? Those who don't graduate from auto mechanic school may find themselves earning less than half of what their better-educated counterparts make.

Culinary Careers

Start Networking Now If You Graduate In May

The Benefits of a 2nd Degree


Recession Blues? Six Certifications Earn in Six Months

For those facing unemployment, the idea of retraining for a new career can seem daunting--especially for adults who don't have the luxury of attending a two- or four-year college. America's career-training institutions can offer hope, though. Here are six careers you can become certified for in six months or less:

Computer Technician: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that careers in the IT field will increase by 27-53% by 2016. In fourteen states, ComputerTraining.com offers accelerated, classroom-based courses to prepare students for Microsoft Certification (MCP, MCTS and MCSA) in six months.

Medical Careers: According to the Department of Labor, Medical Assistant is one of the fastest-growing fields in America. Training programs to become a Medical Assistant, Dental Assistant, Medical Billing Technician or Phlebotomist vary in length depending on certifications, starting at eight weeks.

Culinary Arts: Schools now offer training in classic culinary techniques and pastry arts in as little as six months.

Cosmetology: Courses have evolved beyond one-year courses in hairstyling and now include shorter, specialized courses beyond hairstyling, including accelerated courses for manicures, facials, or makeup application.

Massage Therapist: A massage therapy education is typically based on hours, rather than weeks or months, of experience. Most students are ready for the exam in as little as 300 hours and certified after 1,000 hours--about the equivalent of six months of full-time work.

Pharmacy Technician: Pharmacy Technicians can receive on-the-job training, but employers favor candidates who have completed a formal education and certification process.

Affiliate Marketing: earn commissions and referral fees from web sites as a business model. Work with affiliate marketing networks and online advertisers.

Jerry Collins, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of ComputerTraining.com says he's already seeing an increase in inquiries. "As the recession has spread, we've seen more and more people looking for new career choices, rather than simply waiting for an old job that might never return," he said. "Even people who have earned college degrees for their former jobs are retraining for opportunities created by changing technology."

About ComputerTraining.com
For 13 years, ComputerTraining.com (www.computertraining.com) has provided accelerated classroom education programs designed to help students achieve Microsoft Certification in six months. All classes are lead by experienced instructors and all of the campuses that are eligible for ACCET accreditation are accredited. Graduating students may earn any combination of MCP, MCTS and MCSA certifications. Source: ComputerTraining.com. ANNAPOLIS JUNCTION, Md., Jan. 14, 2009 /PRNewswire/ --

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