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ASE Auto Repair Certification

If you're seriously considering a long-term career in auto repair, motorcycle repair, or any other related fields, securing ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certification can vastly improve your overall employability, salary potential, and career prospects.

In conjunction with auto mechanic school and other types of formal training, ASE certification will help distinguish you from other auto mechanics who haven't completed as much coursework.

ASE certification is to the auto world what CPA certification is to accounting.  It's possible to flourish in both areas without these extra qualifications, but both ASE and CPA credentials make you a more marketable and employable professional in your given field. 

How Does ASE Certification Work?

Four times a year, ASE exams are administered throughout the country for qualified automotive technicians.

At the time of this writing, the entrance fee was between $22 and $37, depending on whether you take the written exam or the computer-based test.  However, you should check with your local ASE chapter to get exact pricing information and locations.  If possible, see if you can order practice tests from ASE.  In most cases, they can mail them directly to you. 

You must have at least two years of professional, relevant experience plus a passing score in order to receive ASE certification.

Thereafter, you can take intermittent recertification exams to maintain your good standing within Automotive Service Excellence.

The goal of these tests is to keep you up-to-date on recent developments in automotive technology, engineering, collision repair techniques, and other related fields.  By taking these recertification tests on a regular basis, you can demonstrate to current and future employers that you possess a certain level of credibility and expertise.

When you combine ASE certification with an associates degree from a vocational school, you’re much more likely to earn the upper salary ranges available to auto mechanics, motorcycle mechanics, and other related career fields.

Source: ASE

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