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Auto Mechanic Salaries – and the Impact of Going to Mechanic School

When we think of glass ceilings, we typically think of office environments where younger, faster, or more educated coworkers rise faster than we do.

But in fact, the glass ceiling exists in many different industries and with many different jobs.  Auto mechanics, for example, don't necessarily need formal training and education in order to begin working professionally.

But those that don't graduate from auto mechanic school often find themselves making less than half of what their better-educated counterparts make.  According to the US Department of Labor, the median salary for auto mechanics is roughly $16 an hour.  But at the lower end, it's not uncommon for an auto mechanic to make just over $8 an hour.

Why Is Auto Mechanic School So Important?

Auto mechanic salaries are not the only reason why going back to schools important.  What you learn will have a tremendous impact on your employability, career potential, and comfort level.

Cars are substantially more sophisticated than they used to be, thanks to advances in computer science, GPS technology, road safety, and fuel efficiency.  An auto mechanic in the new millennium can no longer just lift up the road and diagnose what the problem might be.  He or she must rely on a wide series of tests, analyses, diagnostic exams, and computer savvy to troubleshoot the high-performance engines of today.

Those who are well-versed in all of the above stand a much better chance of earning lucrative auto mechanic salaries starting from $16 an hour all the way up to almost $30 an hour in certain locations.  Going back to auto mechanic school will also make it much easier for you to go solo and start up your own shop.

That's because many of the more advanced programs provide business administration training as well.  It's impossible to overemphasize the impact that going back to auto mechanic school can have on you and your professional career.

US Department of Labor

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