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Diesel Engine Repair School Specialties

Diesel engines are the workhorses of the transportation and shipping industries.  Tractors, 18 wheelers, RVs, boats, and numerous cars all rely on diesel engine technology because of its power, reliability, and efficiency.

If you've toyed with the idea of becoming an auto mechanic, but want to really differentiate yourself professionally, you might consider specializing in diesel engine repair and technology.

On average, diesel engine repair technicians make slightly more than there unleaded counterparts do.  But before rushing into this field, it's important that you understand the various specialties available.

Diesel Engine Specialties and Disciplines

Although your core training will qualify you to work on most types of diesel engines, specializing in a few key areas will help transform you into a much more valuable asset in whatever individual industry you choose to pursue.

Heavy transport vehicles and buses, for example, usually rely on their own types of diesel auto mechanics, while light boats are best serviced by others.  And increasingly, many passenger vehicles have switched over to diesel technology, so it's still possible to become an auto mechanic who works with various cars and hot rods.

And if you are an environmentally conscious individual who wants to help leave a lighter footprint on the Earth, you'll be happy to know that many diesel engines are extremely easy to convert to biofuel engines.  In fact, if you're concerned about long-term career growth, this is where you’ll want to turn most of your attention during auto mechanic school.

With global warming on the rise and public pressure for cleaner, more fuel-efficient cars, it's quite likely that auto manufacturers will begin investing even more of their resources into easily convertible diesel engines.

But even without such pressure from consumers, diesel engine technicians should enjoy fairly favorable growth over the next decade.  According to the US Department of Labor, new positions will open at a rate of 9% to 17% through 2014.

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