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Motorcycle Training Programs

How Do They Differ from Auto Related Programs?

Motorcycle mechanic training programs differ from more conventional auto related programs in a variety of ways.

For starters, motorcycle owners tend to be slightly more diehard and devoted when it comes to their bikes.  Whereas a typical car owner might simply purchase something reliable that can go from A to B, motorcycle owners tend to invest a lot of time, energy, care, and money into their bikes.

Motorcycles can certainly be economical or practical, but they also tend to be more of a hobby or luxury in some circles.

This means that the level of training you receive in a standard motorcycle mechanic school must be of a higher quality since your clients will often be well-versed enough to complete many minor repairs on their own.

In other words, many motorcycle owners will only bring their bikes to you if the situation is truly dire.  This is why advanced training at an accredited tech school or vocational program is highly recommended for long-term career success as a motorcycle mechanic.

The Importance of Motorcycle Mechanic Training

Even if your potential clients weren’t terribly tech savvy, you would want to make sure you have advanced training from an accredited vocational or technical school. 

That's because motorcycles are becoming more complex and sophisticated.  According to the US Department of Labor, employers prefer to hire those with formal training and experience.

While it's possible to enter this field with absolutely no training, you'll have a very difficult time of securing median salary positions, let alone the top paying jobs.  In 2004, the average motorcycle mechanic made approximately $28,000.

Towards the upper end, this figure was closer to $42,000.  Without formal training, however, you'll probably earn closer to $9 an hour which is what the lowest 10% of bike mechanics made on average.

US Department of Labor

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