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Start a career as a dental assistant

Have you thought about becoming a dental assistant?

This job is predicted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics to be one of the fastest growing occupations in the coming years. No degree is required, the training can be done at a vocational or trade school and can take just a few short months.

You won't find qualifying as a dental assistant difficult and with good wages and many new jobs being created it might just be the career you've been looking for.

What is the training for a dental assistant?

Some people get their training entirely while working at the job. But there are much better prospects for those who attend school first.

This could be in one of the 265 certified training programs, which usually take less than one year, or a community college for two years leading to an associate degree,  or there are alternatives in the Armed Forces. Each of these routes have their own advantages.

The job itself is assisting the dentist, preparing instruments, comforting patients and so on. The training at school or through a degree is to teach you the technical aspects but you should also like working with people.

Is being a dental assistant a good job?

You will have to make up your own mind about that but the wages are good, on average $13.62 an hour (almost exactly the average for all jobs) and the top 10% make nearly $20 an hour.

The growth means that jobs should be easy to find as well. There aren't many jobs which only require minimal school training, or an Associate's degree you can say that about.

Source Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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