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Dental health promotion specialists

Would you like a job with excellent prospects, good pay and great working conditions?

Then you might want to consider training to become a dental health promotion specialist. The Bureau of Labor Statistics tells that this career should increase in numbers more than almost any other in the years to come.

As people live longer (and keep their teeth for longer!) it is becoming ever more important that people consult a dental health promotion specialist to keep their teeth, gums and mouths healthy.

Training to be a dental health promotion specialist

Dental health promotion is like a supercharged version of being a dental hygienist. Instead of working in a dental surgery the job can be in a public health program, a school or elsewhere out in the community.

The training is therefore to a higher degree, to a Bachelor's degree, even a Master's, rather than simple an Associate's degree. There are 266 different schools which provide all or part of the training needed.

Good pay and good conditions

Pay in the field of dental health work is good, hygienists averaging nearly $30 an hour. All the work is of course indoors and there's no heavy lifting involved.

You won't be surprised to hear that 90% of the workers in the field get full dental coverage. It's also possible to advance by starting to teach the next generation of people to do the job in one of the schools.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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