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The medical system is one of the fastest growing parts of the US economy so it isn't all that surprising that there are very good opportunities for those trained in health and administration.

As the Bureau of Labor Statistics points out, health and administration jobs are expected to grow faster than average in the years to come. Now the question is, how to get the training to join this fast expanding (and well paid) field? What sort of education, training, school or degree will you need if you are to take part?

Health and administration education

The administration of the health system is divided into two major parts or streams. There are the general administrators and the clinical ones.

To be a  general administrator you would have training in business and administration first, perhaps a degree or even two degrees (Bachelor's and Master's) in health and administration say, perhaps business studies or business administration.

The clinical administrators work with one specific medical specialty. Physical therapy, just as an example, and as a physical therapy administrator you would have your first degree or training in physical therapy. You might have gone to physical therapy school for example.

Only when you decided that you wanted to become an administrator would you return to school for a degree in health and administration.

While that all sounds like a great deal of training is necessary it can be worth it: the average wages of health administrators are over $67,000 a year. What's one or even two degrees when set against that?

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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