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icd-9 billing and coding

Icd-9 billing and coding is one of those special, jargon, phrases that takes us to the center of the American healthcare system.

When doctors and nurses treat a patient they do, naturally, write this down in the notes.

These treatment notes are then taken by experts in icd-9 billing and coding (icd-9 is one of the possible billing and coding systems) and each treatment is allocated to a diagnosis-related group (DRG for more jargon) and then entered into the computer.

This is how the bill can be generated for the insurance company to pay. You can enter this career in a number of ways, via training, school or a degree.

Training in icd-9 billing and coding

Some billing and coding experts start by being medical records technicians: this means that they already have a degree (usually an Associate's degree) and coding is sometimes taught as part of that. There are also a number of vocational schools, even online schools, that will provide training. Some hospitals also run their own schools.

There are even some people who try to pick up icd-9 billing and coding purely by doing the job: not a recommended plan these days, with the ever increasing complexity.

Is it a good job though?

However you get your training in icd-9 billing and coding, what you really want to know is whether it is a good job or not? Good wages ($25,500 on average), simple indoor work and the only job in medicine where you don't have to be nice to the patients!

Source Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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