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Health-related education and careers

The health and medical fields offers many new opportunities. It also demands more qualified employees. Find out more about preparing for a career in the health field with complimentary information from top schools in the nation. Explore some background information on popular and developing medical careers in administration, billing and surgery technical fields.

Health Administration careers

The training to work in health administration can be both complex and long-lasting, involving not just one but two degrees. However, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics points out, it is both well paid and the number of jobs is expanding rapidly.

Given that the health care system now makes up 13% of the entire US economy it isn't surprising that people are looking for those well qualified to manage it. It is possible to work in health administration with a first, or Bachelor's degree but only in smaller operations. The usual entry level requirement for training is a Master's degree in health administration or something similar.

Two types of health administration Health administration is usually divided into (at least) two types, clinical and general. The clinical health administration is where people are responsible for one specific clinical area, like, just for example, physical therapy. Managers here would have their first degree, or years of experience and training, in physical therapy. Their second degree would probably be in health administration For general health administration, the manager might have done business studies, accountancy, even a liberal arts degree, as their first and then taken a further degree in health administration or a related subject.

Health administration schools There are some 70 schools which offer the necessary Master's in health administration. These aren't just colleges and universities, they are offered by schools of public health and schools of both public and business administration. That's good that there are plenty of places to get the training for a job that pays, on average, $67,000 a year.

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Medical billing, coding careers

At the heart of the medical system is the medical billing process. This in turn is run by specialists in medical coding. In this system every treatment is given a code when the medical billing specialist reads the patient's notes and this is then entered into the computer. In this way the insurance company can be charged the correct amount.

There's a certain amount of training necessary to understand this medical billing system, of course, and it can be had at a vocational school or as part of a degree program.

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Surgery Tech careers

Surgery tech is one of the fastest growing careers in the country: it's also shorthand for surgery technician or surgery technologist. As the Bureau of Labor Statistics tells us the fact that we are all living longer means that we will all have more surgery over our lives. It's also true that the surgery is becoming so complex that the doctors and nurses need another group to help them: the surgery techs. Preparing the patients and the operating theater itself, helping with the instruments and so on. There are a number of ways into the job, including degree programs and training at vocational schools.

Training for surgery techs: Some hospitals run training programs and there are some who become surgery techs simply by doing it for many years. There are also military schools and training available. But perhaps the best route is via either vocational school or training with a degree at a community college. Employers like the degree or school because they think you will be better able to handle further training, to enable you to become more specialist and thus advance in your career in surgery tech. 

What's the job of surgery tech like? Surgery tech can have emotional and stressful moments , of course, but the general environment in a hospital is clean, well lit and ventilated and the pay, at $34,000 a year on average, is pretty good too. Perhaps most important is the knowledge that you are helping people to get better, to recover from diseases and accidents: there are few careers that offer that sort of job satisfaction. Source Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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