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Operating room surgical tech

The career of operating room surgical tech is one that is growing very fast according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. There are two main reason.

Surgery is getting so complicated now that the doctors and nurses need help in the operating theater and we're all living longer: that means more hip joints, knees and other operations that need to be done. Operating room surgical tech is therefore a growing field, growing faster than almost all other jobs in the country.

Training in operating room surgical tech

If you decide upon a career in operating room surgical tech you have a number of choices about your training. Some hospitals run training schools, the military training option is available, but the most common form of training is either at a vocational school or getting a degree at a community college.

The degree or school option might be best for you because many employers think that having a degree makes you more likely to train further. As surgical tech itself advances, they would like you to both continue training and become more specialist.

Whether they are right or wrong, they think that you having a degree makes you more likely to do this.

What about the job itself?

Surgical tech involves preparing patients and the operating room for surgery and helping the doctors and nurses while it is going on. Wages are good ($34,000 a year on average) and hours are a regular 40 hour week normally. There is also the job satisfaction of knowing you are helping to cure people.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

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