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Surgical technical schools

Surgical technical schools are the vital training ground for one of the fastest growing careers in the country: surgical tech (sometimes called surgical technology).

The growth in the number of jobs available is coming for two reasons: more operations are being performed as we all live longer and surgery itself is more complex than ever, making surgical teams ever larger. Surgical technical schools are the places that do the training, sometimes to degree level, of the people who go on to do this vital task.

After the training surgical (or surgery) techs help prepare patients and the operating room for the coming surgery and help during it.

What do surgical technical schools teach?

There are a number of different programs that are taught, from the hospital training school which trains people to work in that hospital, military training, vocational schools and community colleges that provide a degree in the subject.

Surgical technical schools can take 9 months for the training while a degree can take a full two years.

Which training or school should you choose?

Whether you should be training for a degree or using a surgical technical school is a slightly complex matter.

How long do you want to train for?

How soon do you want to start earning?

Whichever choice you make remember that surgical tech is both well paid ($34,000 a year on average), you'll be working in a clean and professional environment and you'll have the intense job satisfaction of knowing that your daily work is to make people better.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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