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Surgical Technologist

Surgical technologist is one of the fastest growing professions in the US, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

There are two major reasons: people are living longer and medicine is getting better, so here are more surgical operations being done.

The second is that many tasks that were usually done by doctors are now being done by theater nurses, and much of their work is now being done by surgical technicians.

The job involves prepping a patient for surgery, preparing the operating theater and helping during the course of the surgery.

Training to be a surgical technologist

The training can be through a vocational school (certification) or a community college leading to a degree. The surgical technologist training can last from 9 months at school for a certificate to two years for that degree.

There are also various programs run in hospitals and the military has training schools as well. Many employers like to look for those with the degree as this indicates a wider education as well as just the technical aspect, making those with the degree a better prospect for further training and promotion.

What's the job like?

You do have to be able to deal with the sight of blood and the odd bits that people have inside of them but after that it's usually 40 hours a week. Well lit, well ventilated workplace and the pay is good, on average $34,000 a year. If you've watched any of the TV shows you will know that it can be a little emotional as well, but worth it in job satisfaction.

Source: Bureau of Labor Studies

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