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Surgical Tech Training

There's a reason why so many are considering school or a degree for surgical tech training: it's one of the fastest growing careers in the country today.

There are two essential reasons for this. First, everyone is living longer so they need more repair work done on their bodies, so more surgery. The second is that the work being done by doctors and nurses is becoming ever more complex. So there's room now for people with surgical tech training to help them do the routine stuff. Preparing the patient or the operating room for the operation, handling the instruments, making sure things are right.

What is surgical tech training?

As well as just doing the job for many years you can go to school, perhaps a vocational school for certification, or a community college for a degree in the subject. There are also hospital and military programs which provide an alternative to school.

But if you do go to school for the training or a degree you will have a better chance at getting the better jobs: employers look for those with the better qualifications to train for the more specialist positions.

What about the job itself?

After surgical tech training the working life is pretty good. Wages are $34,000 on average for a 40 hour week, operating theaters are well lit and ventilated and there's the pleasure of knowing you are helping people to get well again. There are also opportunities to advance by becoming more specialized.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

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