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Deciding Between Campus and Online College Career Training

Would Online College Degree Programs Fit Your Lifestyle Better?

By Craig E. Friesen

Many students with established careers and families who choose to return to school find it less disruptive to study at an online college.

Particularly individuals who have settled in communities that do not host college facilities find this the most acceptable option.

The flexibility of online college career training programs allows these people to maintain their existing careers while studying. Families can also find it difficult to pick up and move while a parent returns to school.

Can I Afford Campus Based Career Training?

There are an increasing number of college campuses that offer evening and weekend career training courses for the convenience of working students.

Often these courses are quite reasonably priced.  College credit courses typically are on par with regional college tuition costs. It is true that most online degree tuition prices are considerably lower than campus career training. The obvious reasons of reduced overhead being the main contributing factor.

Is Online College Career Training as Effective as Campus-based Career Training?

The majority of those who take online college career training and degrees finish feeling that the quality of their education is at least as good as campus based courses.

Students of online career training appreciate having the flexibility to study at their own pace and at their own time. The availability of the instructors who lead online college degree programs is also very high.

Perhaps the greatest deciding factor to determine if an online college is right for you is your level of discipline. When you are responsible for setting the pace of your course it can be tempting to let other things interfere with your studies.

For individuals who are unable to maintain a schedule on their own, perhaps campus based career training would be better.

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