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Checklists for Starting Your Online Career College Education

By Craig E. Friesen

Preparing Your Supplies

By making a list of items you need prior to starting your online college program you will save yourself time, money and frustration. Include in your list:

  • books that are required for your online career education
  • miscellaneous supplies you will need for starting your online college program such as pens, computer disks, printer ink, and report folders
  • furniture for your study space such as a computer desk, printer stand, book shelf, and writing desk

Preparing Your Work Space

If you prepare a specific work space that will give you some privacy you will enhance your ability to focus on studying in that space. By having a designated spot for working at your online career education you will save time through having all you need close at hand.

  • ensure your internet connection is working properly
  • check that your computer’s specifications are sufficient to run your online career education program software and websites
  • make sure there is sufficient lighting
  • arrange your work space out of the line of household traffic

Organize Your Schedule

While it is true that an online career education program requires a minimum of alteration of your schedule, some accommodations are required.

  • sit down with your work schedule and your family schedule and plan specific time slots for studying
  • arrange for library, lab, or practical study times
  • check with your spouse, friends, or family for times when child care is possible to give you some really free study time

By making some plans ahead of time, starting your online career college education can be something you look forward to, feeling prepared and excited.

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