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Choosing an Online College

By Craig E. Friesen

There are very many excellent online colleges to choose from and so many online college degrees offered. How can I choose which one is best for me?

Choose an Accredited Online College

The most significant point when choosing which online college you should enroll in is determining if it is accredited.

When we speak of college accreditation, it means which schools are recognized by the US Department of Education as being qualified to offer course work and degrees.

Before spending any time and money on an online college program make sure it will give you something valuable in return. It is simple enough to check the accreditation of any institution by visiting the Department of Education web site.

If you don’t find your online college listed there contact a representative from the Department of Education to be sure.

Choose an Online College Who’s Credits are Transferable

It is particularly important to ensure that your online college credits are transferable if you plan to complete a portion of your degree on campus.

If you have an institution in mind for the completion of your degree program, contact them and ask if they will give you full credit for your course work at the online college of your choosing.

Check too with any graduate schools you may wish to attend to be sure they will honor your online college degree from a specific institution.

Your options for choosing an online college program are vast. By doing a little research and careful planning you are certain to find the online college program that is best for you.

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