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The UTI Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI) offers motorcycle career training and is a provider of manufacturer-branded technician training programs supported and equipped by all five major motorcycle manufacturers -- Harley-Davidson Motor Co., American Honda Motor Co. Inc., American Suzuki Motor Corporation, Kawasaki Motors Corp., USA, and Yamaha Motor Corp., USA.

MMI's technical labs are designed to give the type of hands-on training that will put you in demand in the industry in just over a year.

Attending to general auto maintenance increases performance, prolongs a car's life, and helps avoid repairs. But there is another important advantage: protecting the environment.

According to the NESEA (Northeast Sustainable Energy Association), basic auto maintenance can significantly reduce air pollution. Here's how:

Tune up

A poorly-maintained car engine can reduce fuel economy by a striking 10-20%. Misfiring spark plugs, underperforming brakes, low transmission fuel, and transmission problems can all significantly reduce fuel economy as well as reducing a car's life-expectancy, so it is important to have regular tune-ups as indicated in the owner's auto maintenance manual.

Oil change

Clean oil removes dirt and grit from the engine and can increase gas mileage by as much as 1%-3%. Check every two weeks that the proper level of oil is maintained.

Use the type of oil approved by the automaker, and make sure it has the energy conserving American Petroleum Institute (APL) sticker.

Air Filter

Unless prevented by the car air filter, impurities in the air can damage auto engine components and reduce fuel economy. Replacing clogged filters can improve mileage by as much as 10%.

Tire inflation

In falling temperatures, tires can lose as much as one psi point per 10 degree. Maintaining proper tire pressure and alignment avoids unnecessary pressure on the car engine and can improve mileage by 3.3-6%. To maximize efficiency, go for the higher number on the psi range recommended by the automaker.

A love of cars and concern for the environment may often seem incompatible, but they can be combined. Common-sense maintenance can help avoid repairs to cars and at the same time protect the air we breathe: two big advantages in return for a little attention. 



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