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Participating IMAX(r) theatres and IMAX 3D theatres are launching an exclusive engagement of ALIENS OF THE DEEP.


    • ALIENS OF THE DEEP is approximately a 45-minute, 3D film which was directed and produced by Academy Award®-winner, James Cameron. 
    • ALIENS OF THE DEEP follows Cameron’s successful IMAX theatrical film project, GHOSTS OF THE ABYSS.
    • ALIENS OF THE DEEP documents a deep-sea expedition, highlighting 40 dives made to the Mid-Ocean Ridge - a submerged chain of mountains that winds 46,000 miles around the globe and contains mineral-rich volcanic vents.  Cameron and a team of scientists go to the depths of the ocean, capturing the most spectacular footage ever made of active hydrothermal vent communities teaming with life.
    • In partnership with NASA and a team of scientists including astro and marine biologists, ALIENS OF THE DEEP was filmed using state-of-the-art cameras, HOVs (human occupied vehicles) and ROVs (remotely-operated vehicles).
    • ALIENS OF THE DEEP presents unbelievable images of some of the strangest life forms on Earth, while inviting us to imagine what future explorers may someday find on other planets.  Cameron and mission scientists help us consider the correlations between life under water and the life we may one day find in outer space.
    • ALIENS OF THE DEEP was shot in part with a three-dimensional camera invented by James Cameron and his brother Mike Cameron.  They designed and built this camera with the cooperation of Sony Electronics, providing the movie-goer with a revolutionary film-going experience, blurring the line between the screen and the audience.
    • James Cameron’s TITANIC debuted in 1997 and won a total of 11 Academy Awards (r), including ones for Best Director and Best Picture.
          •  Academy Award(r) is a registered trademark of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.

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