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LA's Newest Heartthrob, Jordan Matthews, Lands Yet Another Motion Picture Deal

Acting career heats up for rising star on Hollywood's horizon

A rising star on the Hollywood horizon, actor/model Jordan Matthews ( has just announced that he's landed yet another role in a major motion picture. Matthews will take on the character of "Shawn" in what promises to be an action-packed, sci-fi thriller: "Ashen."

Directed by Hollywood's own award-winning Brian Metcalf (, "Ashen" provides Matthews with yet another chance for silver-screen exposure -- just one more stellar opportunity for this LA heartthrob to enhance his career.

"I'm currently starring in 'Fading of the Cries,' another Brian Metcalf film, so I felt very honored when he asked me if I'd like yet another role in one of his movies," Matthews says. "He's an extremely talented artist, and I expect him to be one of the next major directors on the Hollywood scene. It's awesome to be working with him as his career develops, and it certainly bodes well for me as an actor. Already, I've learned so much."

"Ashen" is the third film in which this Hollywood hunk has recently been offered a significant role. As "Shawn," Matthews will play the co-star's younger, sexy lover who experiences an untimely, gruesome death partway into the flick.

Filming will begin this May, with an estimated release date of early 2009. In addition to "Ashen" and "Fading of the Cries," Matthews is co-staring in "Killing Thunder" by DAC Productions. What's more, Jordan says he's in negotiations for other starring roles, the details of which cannot yet be released. With Matthews in such hot demand, however, there's no doubt that the beginnings of a Hollywood icon are in the making.

"There are certain highly respected people in Hollywood who are not apt to dish out compliments, but I've recently been told by one such person that he sees me as the next Brad Pitt," Matthews says. "I was floored to receive such a compliment, and I can only hope to aspire to such a level of achievement. Right now, I feel extremely grounded and am embracing each of experiences that have come my way."

About Jordan Matthews

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Jordan Matthews knew from the start that he was destined to perform. An impressive professional path -- including everything from modeling to acting -- has now led Matthews to Los Angeles, where he currently resides. Matthews is co-starring in the upcoming film "Killing Thunder" by DAC Productions. He is also leading in "Fading of the Cries" and playing a supporting role in "Ashen," two movies by writer/director Brian Metcalf.

In addition, Matthews is continuing his successful modeling career -- now paired with New York's celebrity photographer, Karl Simone. Of note, he's pursuing future films and has established his own production company, Foresight Media Group, Inc. -- a venture that enables Matthews to create and star in films about which he is truly passionate.

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