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batmanThe Unforgettable, Australian, Rugged Bad Boy Heath Ledger!!

A Tribute to Heath Ledger!!

April 4,1979-January 22, 2008

By K. Kirker

Heath Ledger left behind his two year old daughter Matilda and many friends and family.

Heath finished playing his role of the Joker in the Dark night and the buzz has not stopped. Now that people have seen the role of the Joker themselves, they can’t stop talking about Heath’s performance.

Heath Ledger was a very talented actor and he will be missed by all. I wish that I was doing this interview for real, with Heath doing the answering, but unfortunately I am on my own. I would like to take a look back at some happier times of Heath’s life and remember him that way.

Please read the article below and lets remember Heath together in a positive way.

heath ledgerHeath Ledger first appeared on the scene in a T.V. show called Roar. He played Connor. I personally liked this series, even though it was short lived.

Heath later started to get recognized in the movie “10 things I hate about you”, where he played a bad boy, paid to take out Julia Stiles character. From this point it was clear that Heath had some talent and he wasn’t going to go anywhere especially after singing “your to good to be true.”

Heath was later in a film with fellow Australian Actor Mel Gibson in “The Patriot”, where he played Gabriel, the strong minded son of Mel Gibson’s character. Then, finally Heath got the staring role in “A Knight’s Tale” with Shannyn Sossamon.

This movie role proved that Heath was leading man material and those that weren’t convinced certainly were with “Broke back Mountain”, where Heath was recognized with an Academy Award nomination.

Heath also played roles in “Monster’s Ball” along side Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton, “Ned Kelly” along side with Orlando Bloom and Naomi Watts, “Lords of Dogtown”, “Four feathers” with Kate Hudson, the “Brother’s Grimm” along side Matt Damon, “Casanova” with Sienna Miller, “The Order” once again with Shannyn Sossamon, and many other movies.

Heath Andrew Ledger was born April 4,1979 in Perth, Australia. That is in Western Australia. Heath definitely had his own style and was a bad boy at heart. In Heaths interviews the bad boy side of his personality came through. He had rugged good looks and a strong accent to go with.

Here are some pictures from over the years.

Lets all give our love and support to those he left behind and remember all the joy Heath brought to everyone!! In the meantime you can remember him in films like “The Dark Knight”, “I’m not there”, and “Candy” These are the most recent releases.

Don’t forget to stay tuned to see how “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” Turns out. This is the movie that Heath was filming when he died. To finish Heath’s scenes they hired Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Colin Farrell to play the same character as Heath. Can’t wait to see how this turned out!!

heath ;edger   heath ledger
heath ledger   heath ;edger

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