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The prolific, multi-talented actor VING RHAMES (Kenneth) not only received an Emmy nomination but also won the Golden Globe Award for his role as Don King in the telefilm Don King: Only in America.

He was also awarded the Golden Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Martin Scorsese’s Bringing Out the Dead, starring opposite Nicolas Cage; and received a Blockbuster Entertainment Award nomination for best supporting actor for his role in Entrapment, with Catherine ZetaJones and Sean Connery. He will next return as Luther Stickell, opposite Tom Cruise, in Mission: Impossible 3.

Additional upcoming projects include starring with Ja Rule in director James Hunter’s Back in the Day, and headlining as the titular legendary boxer in The Sonny Liston Story. Having gone down in pop culture history for his role as Marsellus “we’re gonna get medieval on your ass” Wallace in Quentin Tarantino’s seminal Pulp Fiction, Rhames has continued to win fans with such performances as Shad in Striptease, Mann in Rosewood (for which he won an Image Award for Best Actor), Mel in Baby Boy (again for Rosewood director John Singleton), Nathan ‘Diamond Dog’ Jones in Con Air, Buddy Bragg in Out of Sight, Luther Stickell in the original Mission: Impossible and its sequel, and Deputy Chief Arthur Holland in Dark Blue, to name a few.

On the small screen, Rhames was nominated for a Best Actor Image Award for his role as Garrick Jones in the television movie Sins of the Father. He also starred as John Morgan in Little John and Judge Jones in RFK. In the television series UC: Undercover, he starred as Quito Real and received his second Image Award.

The actor also lent his voice (as narrator) to the television documentary Robert F. Kennedy: A Memoir.

Starring as the voice of Cobra Bubbles in the animated film Lilo & Stitch has won Rhames a new set of fans among the younger generation. He also was the voice of Sergeant Ryan Whitaker in the computer animated feature Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.

A talented and versatile actor, JAKE WEBER (Michael) recently starred in the dark comedy 100 Mile Rule, opposite Maria Bellow and Michael McKean; in the touching drama Leo, alongside Elisabeth Shue and Joseph Fiennes; and in Larry Fessenden’s suspense driven thriller Wendigo, opposite Patricia Clarkson.

Previously he appeared as FBI special agent Gordon Ramsey in the fantasy thriller The Cell, with Jennifer Lopez and Vince Vaughn; as Lieutenant Hirsh, USNR, in the action drama U571, starring Matthew McConaughey and Harvey Keitel; and as Barry Plotkin in Mike Newell’s dark comedy Pushing Tin, with John Cusack and Billy Bob Thorton. Weber can also be seen in the drama Meet Joe Black, where he played Drew, Anthony Hopkins snaky business partner; in Dangerous Beauty, where he starred as King Henry, opposite

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