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"First Descent"

Directors Kevin Harrison and Kemp Curley chronicle the rebellious and inspiring rise of snowboarding in the docu-drama "First Descent." From left to right are five icons featured in this sports documentary about breaking the powder boundaries: HANNAH TETER, SHAWN FARMER, TERJE HAAKONSEN, SHAUN WHITE and NICK PERATA.
Credit: Trevor Graves.
Copyright: © 2005 Universal Studios. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Movie Release Date: December 2, 2005

Genre:         Sports documentary

Cast:         Shawn Farmer, Nick Perata, Terje Haakonsen, Shaun White and Hannah Teter

Directed by:         Kevin Harrison, Kemp Curley

Written by:         Kevin Harrison

Produced by:         Kevin Harrison, Kemp Curley

Executive Producers:         David Burwick, John Galloway, Jaime Weinstein, Tera Hanks, Chris Moore

The docu-drama First Descent chronicles the rebellious, inspiring and sometimes controversial rise of snowboarding—as seen through the eyes of the snowboarders setting the standards and breaking the boundaries of this worldwide phenomenon.

First Descent spotlights a handful of snowboarding’s early pioneers (including Shawn Farmer, Nick Perata and Terje Haakonsen) and some of the ultra-sponsored superstar phenoms at snowboarding’s current cutting edge (Shaun White and Hannah Teter) and literally takes them to the edge—the snow blanketed mountains of Alaska—where these five icons face some of the most challenging and hard-core natural terrain on the planet.  The five come for different reasons—Perata and Farmer to see if they still have what it takes, Haakonsen to add another credit to his Big Mountain resume, and White and Teter to undertake their first Big Mountain ride ever—and yet all seek to challenge themselves to accomplish the best snowboarding feat of their lives down peaks of powder no rider has ever descended. 

Leading up to their first descent, the crew of five share their stories, comparing viewpoints, individual lifestyles, and unedited opinions on the evolution of snowboarding that began as a delinquent child of skiing and now stands as an international cultural movement that has permanently changed the face of winter sports.

Intercutting footage from the snowboarding revolution of the ‘80s and ‘90s, real-life accounts from both notorious and famed riders, and dramatic, newly-filmed scenes from the biggest winter contests and experiences these riders undergo on their way to and in Alaska, First Descent creates a fast-paced portrait of a snowsport that has quickly evolved from a fringe hobby to a full-fledged global event.

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