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Godzilla: 50 and huffing

But not suffering from reptile dysfunction!

The fire-breathing monster born from a nuclear accident gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on November 29. 2004. This is in conjunction with the premiere of "Godzilla: Final Wars," from Toho Pictures.

The 28th movie in the Godzilla series marks the 50th year of the Japanese monster, Gojira (from the words "gorilla" and "whale") came out of the sea and onto the big screen. The new Godzilla movie has a fightout with 10 monsters- some new. The film is rumored to be the last. The film first appeared in 1954 from director Ishiro Honda and has gained a cult following around the world.

The actor in the rubber suit will appear at the ceremony.

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Known to Stateside moviegoers as Godzilla on Monster Island, this slight but fun 1972 entry in the Godzilla franchise pits the King of the Monsters and four-legged cohort Angilas against aliens bent on world domination, as well as their old nemesis, the space dragon King Ghidorah.

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Fifty years ago this October, Godzilla (Gojira in Japanese) crawled out of his radioactive birthplace onto the silver screen to cut his first swath of destruction through Tokyo and into...well, if not into our hearts, at least our imaginations. Today Godzilla stands as a popular icon of Japan.


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Reveals what happens when Godzilla returns out of the mists of the past, transforming our modern world into an age of monsters, including the size-changing superhero Hero Zero, the manmade Cybersaur, an ancient demon imprisoned in a stone statue, and other terrifying creatures. Original.

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