'Old Habits Die Hard' by Mick Jagger and Dave Stewart Wins 2005 Golden Globe for Best Film Song

Song Highlights Virgin Records Soundtrack 'Alfie -- Music from the Motion Picture'

NEW YORK, Jan. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- "Old Habits Die Hard," the single from the acclaimed soundtrack of Alfie, was named Best Original Song in a Motion Picture, at the 62nd Annual Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles.

The song is one of thirteen originals written, produced and performed by Mick Jagger and Dave Stewart on the Virgin Records soundtrack album "Alfie -- Music from the Motion Picture." It was the first Golden Globe nomination and win for both Jagger and Stewart. The song was created for the 2004 version, starring Jude Law, of the classic 1966 comedy.

Virgin Records Chairman and CEO Matt Serletic said: "Everyone at Virgin Records joins me in congratulating Mick and Dave for this well-deserved honor. It's an acknowledgement of the obvious depth and quality of 'Old Habits' -- both musically, and for its contribution to the emotional ambience of the movie."

"Old Habits Die Hard" appears on the "Alfie" soundtrack album in three versions: a solo version by Jagger, an instrumental reprise, and a bonus-track duet with guest vocals by Sheryl Crow. Jagger also sings lead vocals on "Let's Make It Up" and two versions of the pivotal song "Blind Leading the Blind" on the soundtrack.

Stewart, whose movie soundtracks have included Cookie's Fortune, Beautiful Girls, and The Ref, had initially invited his old friend Jagger to collaborate on three songs for Alfie, but the teaming proved so productive creatively that the duo produced the entire soundtrack album together, including instrumental material. Stewart and Jagger had collaborated previously on Jagger's Primitive Cool album, and on the title song of the 1986 movie Ruthless People.

In a four-star rave review upon its release, Rolling Stone Magazine described the soundtrack as "freshly minted Swinging London soul," praising the "great tomcat tenacity" of Jagger's vocal performances, and concluding, "This is how to make a soundtrack."

Also appearing on "Alfie -- Music from the Motion Picture" are P-Funk legend Gary "Mudbone" Cooper, who teams with Stewart for "Darkness of Your Love;" and the Grammy-nominated young British soul singer Joss Stone, who duets with Jagger in "Lonely Without You (This Christmas)" and also sings the classic Bacharach/David theme song from the original 1966 Alfie.

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Writer/director Charles Shyer's reinvention of the beloved 60's morality tale about a serial-womanizer's quest for meaning in life is musically rooted in a voice that's lived the experience: Mick Jagger.

And if the Stones' oft-cliched frontman seems a decidedly left-field choice as film scorer, his chemistry with collaborator/ former Eurythmics musical spark Dave Stewart yields a surprisingly warm, often introspective slate of songs and atmospheric underscore.

Jagger's solo work has often been muddied by chasing the pop production zeitgeist of the moment, but his efforts with Stewart here largely turn on a stripped-down, organic folk-blues sensibility that can't escape mostly positive parallels with the Stones' own acoustic oeuvre.

Soul singer Joss Stone turns in a masterfully bluesy cover of the original film's hit Bacharach-David theme song that belies her teenage years (also interpolating it into Stewart/Jagger's "Wicked Time," which also features noted Jamaican rapper "Nadz" Seid), while Sheryl Crow duets with Jagger on the single version of the song-score's thematic anchor, "Old Habits Die Hard." -- Jerry McCulley

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