Film: 2010: January: "Legion"

Supernatural thriller, "Legion"

RELEASE DATE In Theatres January 22, 2010
STUDIO:Screen Gems

This film is not yet rated by the MPAA

Legion movie synopsis

In the supernatural action thriller Legion, an out-of-the-way diner becomes the unlikely battleground for the survival of the human race.

When God loses faith in Mankind, he sends his legion of angels to bring on the Apocalypse. Humanity's only hope lies in a group of strangers trapped in a desert diner and the Archangel Michael (Paul Bettany).

Legion also stars Dennis Quaid, Lucas Black, Tyrese Gibson, Kate Walsh, Adrianne Palicki, Charles S. Dutton and Willa Holland and is directed by Scott Stewart.


Directed by Scott Stewart

Written by Peter Schink, Scott Stewart

Produced by David Lancaster and Michael Litvak

Executive Producers Gary Michael Walters

• Paul Bettany
• Dennis Quaid
• Lucas Black
• Tyrese Gibson
• Kate Walsh
• Adrianne Palicki
• Charles S. Dutton
• Willa Holland
• Credits not final

Legion Movie Trailer

The Archangel Michael and a group of strangers must avert the end of mankind. Watch the movie trailers of "Legion" from

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