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Ocean's Twelve Press Event Cancelled

LONDON, December 16/PRNewswire/ -- Claridges Hotel was evacuated this morning due to an incident in the kitchen at Gordon Ramsay's Restaurant. Smoke was quickly contained and the standard hotel fire evacuation procedure was put into operation. This meant that all guests and staff throughout the building were immediately evacuated. As a result of this unfortunate incident the OCEAN'S TWELVE Press Conference and Junket has had to be cancelled. Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Producer Jerry Weintraub were disappointed to curtail the day's publicity.

Jerry Weintraub commented: "The UK is very important to us all. We love being in London and we are all very disappointed to have had to cancel this event but it was due to circumstances beyond anyone's control. We didn't want to endanger any members of the press, our actors or the WB teams."

OCEAN'S TWELVE opens in the UK on February 4th 2005. We hope to stage further press activity in the New Year. WB UK publicity will contact you as and when this is confirmed.

Source: Warner Bros. Entertainment UK Ltd

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