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Debuting in 2004, the Santa Barbara International Film Festival’s Sidebars are a diverse collection of films which focus on a specific theme and serve to complement the permanent roster of Festival films. From stunning cinematography, to unbelievable stories, concepts, comedy, action and love… the Sidebars have something for everyone. Be sure to see them all!

Santa Barbara Filmmakers
Making its official debut in 2006,
this Sidebar features the best and brightest
that Santa Barbara has to offer.
Our 2006 films include: 
Building Green
A Weekend at the Greek
Girls Inc.
The Uniform Motion of Folly
Carmen and Geoffrey
Video Portraits of Survival
Lost in the Shadows
The Power of the Sun
The Shape of Water
Between Iraq and a Hard Place
Who Needs Sleep?
Leave it to Chance

Cult Asian
High concept Asian films with themes of horror,
fantasy, animation, and lots of action. Sponsored by: Vespa
Our 2006 films include:
Masters of Horror
The Hidden Blade
Natural City
R Point

Latino Cinemedia
An ambitious program of diverse Spanish and Latin American Cinema.
Sponsored by: Lompoc, Tinta Latina and Channel 38
Our 2006 films include:
A Dios Momo
Al Otro Lado
Batalla En El Cielo
Cazuza, O Tempo Nao Para
Di Buen Dia A Papa
El Inmortal
Filhas Do Vento
Temporada De Patos
Reel Nature
Starring NATURE – bugs, penguins, bears, sea urchin, wasps and more – make it onto the big screen! Proceeds benefit the education programs at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. Sponsored by: Reel Nature
Our 2006 films include:
Animal Olympics
Bug World
Deep Blue
Devil’s Teeth
Grizzly Man
March of the Penguins
Queen of the Trees
Wildlife on One

French Connection
Making its 2006 Festival debut, French Connection features an impressive line up from France. Sponsored by: republique Francaise
Our 2006 films include:
Brice De Nice
Joyeux Noel
Vers le Sud
Holy Lola
Live and Become
When the Sea Rises
Woman is the Future of Man

To the Maxxx
Extreme Sports films that will inspire the body, mind, and soul to go where few can follow. Sponsored by: Firestone
Our 2006 films include:
The Craving
From __ With Love
Making of Animal Chin
On the Pipe II
Pure Sweet Hell

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