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Searching for the
Wrong-Eyed Jesus

SEARCHING FOR THE WRONG-EYED JESUS is a lyrical, unforgettable, music-driven journey through the bayous and bars, churches and prisons, demons and angels of the American South.

"Utterly fascinating... A travelogue unlike any other"
-David Sterritt, Christian Science Monitor.

"Richly lyrical"
-Stephen Holden, New York Times.

Jim White, perhaps the most original musician in popular music since the advent of Tom Waits, is the film's unofficial guide to a world that's mysterious, repellent and beautiful.

With British director Andrew Douglas in the front seat and a 300 pound concrete Jesus in the trunk, White sets out in a broken down 1970 Chevy Impala to track down the essence of the white South, a place where snakes slither and Satan stalks, and where music provides the soundtrack for souls in celebration and in torment.

The film's soundtrack, " hands down the best of the year", includes such celebrated artists as The Handsome Family and David Johansson in addition to White.

Release Dates:
Jul-13-05 - New York NY - IFC
Jul-22-05 - Nashville - TNBelcourt Theater
Jul-28-05 - San Francisco CA - Balboa Theater
Jul-29-05 - Los Angeles CA - Fairfax Theater
Jul-29-05 - Minneapolis MN - Bell Aud.-Minn. Film Arts
Aug-5-05 - Albuquerque NM - Guild Theater
Aug-5-05 - Orlando FL - Downtown Media Arts
Aug-5-05 - Buckhannon WV - Lascaux Micro-Theater
Aug-5-05 - Bellingham WA - Mary Pickford Theater
Aug-5-05 - Salt Lke City UT - Tower Theater
Aug-12-05 - Seattle WA - Northwest Film Forum
Aug-12-05 - Loch Sheldrake NY - Hippodrome Theater
Aug-12-05 - Palm Springs CA - Camelot Theater
Aug-15-05 - Austin TX - Alamo Deaft House
Aug-19-05 - San Luis Obispo CA - Palm Theater
Aug-19-05 - Santa Fe NM - The Screen
Aug-19-05 - Waterville ME - Railroad Sq. Cinema
Sep-1-05 - Boston MA - Museum of Fine Arts
Sep-9-05 - Portland OR - Cinema 21
Sep-23-05 - Chicago IL - Gene Siskel Center
Sep-30-05 - St. Louis MO - Webster Film Series
Oct-7-05 - Mt. Shasta CA - Mt. Shasta Film Festival

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