"Severance" Movie

The Filmmakers

Christopher Smith, Director and co-writer
Christopher Smith wrote and directed the hit horror film Creep starring Franka Potente, which marked his debut feature.  Previously he directed the acclaimed short films The Day Grandad Went Blind (1998), and The 10,000th Day (1997), and wrote Larry Cares and Repairs (1997), winner of the Royal Television Society award for Best Student Script. Chris graduated from Bristol University with an MA in film production in 1998 and was a director and assistant producer of Barry Norman’s Film Night  for SKY MOVIES. He is currently developing the film Triangle a psychological thriller with Dan Films.

Jason Newmark, Producer
Jason Newmark produced Chris Smith’s debut feature Creep.  He is a director of Dan Films.  After graduating from the Northern Film School and a year spent producing for Carlton Television, he joined Dan Films in 1995 as Head of Development. While building the company’s development slate he also worked as an Associate and Co-Producer on feature films including The Cat’s Meow, Villa Des Roses, Summer Things, The Immortals and Sons of the Wind.

James Moran, writer
James Moran studied journalism in Dublin before moving to London, and wrote short stories while doing various jobs in the computer industry. He began working on film and television ideas, and won the UK Sci-Fi Channel short film competition with his script Cheap Rate Gravity, which was made into a 10 minute short. Severance is his first full screenplay, which he wrote during evenings and weekends.  James is currently working on Curfew, a horror set in London.

Michael Kuhn was born in Nairobi, Kenya in 1949.  After primary school he left to attend Dover College in England in 1962 and went on to Clare College Cambridge in 1968 to read Law. 

He joined Polygram N.V (now part of Universal) in 1975 and in 1991 set up Polygram Filmed Entertainment, which made and distributed over 100 feature films and which between them won 14 Academy Awards.  These films included Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill, Dead Man Walking The Usual Suspects, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Elizabeth, Trainspotting and Priscilla Queen of the Desert. He was awarded the Michael Balcon Award for services to British Cinema in 1999.

Michael Kuhn, Executive Producer
Michael married Caroline in 1995 and has two sons.  He returned to Britain in 1999, after being based in Los Angeles.  He set up Qwerty Films in 1999 and secured finance to produce bigger budget movies and has investments in a music company, theatre and a film development joint venture with the Film Council.  As well as Severance, Qwerty Films has produced 8 features in its first 4 years of operation, including Stage Beauty, Kinsey and I Heart Huckabees.   Alien Autopsy starring Ant and Dec (April) and The Moguls, starring Jeff Bridges are both being released in the UK in April.

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