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In Stardust & Moonbeams, Will gets more than he bargains for when he asks Beth to pose for him. Beth knows she's on to something when she asks Will to pose for her. With the woman behind the camera and the man in front of it, sparks fly in more ways than one.  It’s the modern times of 1928—and Beth’s a feminist, after all. 

Stardust & Moonbeams is a smart, fun, sexy 20-minute film. 


Stardust & Moonbeams was shot at Farmer House Museum, in Bloomington, Indiana, an ideal shoot location with its collection of early to mid 20th-century Americana housed in the place that was the home of Mary Ellen and Ed Farmer for 50 years. We shot this fundraising trailer there as well. facebook.com/pages/Farmer-House-Museum/146043478759783




Because Stardust & Moonbeams is exciting and eye-opening in so many ways!

  • This is entirely about positive, equitable, empowering sexual dynamics between women and men
  • 99% of the media is a "male gaze" turned on women – we're tired of that and want a "female gaze" turned on men; you'll not only see it, you'll hear about it at a cocktail party, inviting you to question what you usually see in the media

Stardust and Moonbeams Brad

See more at: http://emol.org/film/archives/stardustmoonbeams/themovie.html

  • The Jazz Age is hot right now, and our film is no exception; it's the end of the '20s and the new modern American culture and new modern woman have transformed the cultural landscape
  • Adapted from the women’s fiction novel Stardust & Moonbeams by Madelyn Ritrosky & Dena Huisman (forthcoming 2017 from BZB Publishing)
  • There's a huge audience out there for this, and we expect a great festival run. Contributors say, "It's about time!" and "Filmmaking needs this."
  • Women ARE the filmmaking team, which is really rare


Director:  Terri Farley-Teruel

Terri Farley-Teruel Award-Winning Feature Film Director, Beautiful Dreamer, a ‘40s-era love story (US television debut currently on Inspire)  

 Producer, Life’s Blood (Best Social Commentary nomination at Action On Film Festival)

Screenwriter, feature films and web series

Founder, TFT Creative www.tftcreative.net

(endorsed by National Association of Professional Women)  

Manager, Feature Production Services, Universal Studios

Writer/Producer:  Madelyn Ritrosky

Madelyn RitroskyNovelist, Stardust & Moonbeams

Playwright, Pants Only, short play produced at Bloomington Playwrights Project

Scholar (film/gender/history/culture),
research/writing such as Transforming Stardom
(PhD dissertation on Loretta Young’s Hollywood career, 1920s-60s)

Reporter/Critic, publications such as Entertainment Magazine and Quarterly Review of Film and Video

Reproductive Justice Task Force, Unitarian Universalist Church, Bloomington, Indiana

College Instructor, classes such as Women & Film, Film & Society, and Film as Art

Kalynn Brower

Kalynn Huffman Brower, Co-Producer/Behind-the-Scenes Videographer

Nancy Schreiber

Nancy Schreiber, Director of Photography

Karla Shelton

Karla Shelton, Consulting Producer

Laurie Ritrosky

Laurie Ritrosky, Set Design Researcher

Julie Powers, Costume Designer/Make-Up

Emily Purcell, Set Director and Farm House Director; and Paul Kane, Farmer House Museum

Eric Day, Sound

William Reliford, Visual Effects

Cara Indiano, Wardrobe Assistant

Rod Griffith, Cover Art

David Wade, Production Designer

Jim Dougherty, Assistant Director

Chie Sharp, Hair Stylist

Jim Timperman, Gaffer/Key Grip

Haley Brown, 2nd AC & Photographer

Rachael Himsel, Craft Services


Abby White cast as Beth Delkit Townsend

Abby WhiteEzekial’s Landing

... And Then YOU Die!

Lightning in a Bottle

Leah, not Leia

Commercials for Verizon Wireless, Visa



Brad Meyer cast as Will Townsend

Brad MeyerThe Battles That Changed Us

Yves Mineoux’s Last Request

Commercials for Pure Romance, Belterra Casino, Speedway, Ivy Tech, and others

Omega Watches brand ambassador to the PGA

National photo shoot for the NCAA

Indianapolis Magazine, HerScene, TOPS, Cincinnati Magazine, and others

Jared Winslow cast as Matt Sykes

Jared WinslowThe Battles That Changed Us


Travel Refreshed  

The Gangs of Clowns of New York

The Blue

Mythic Waters: Shoki’s Bag

Ian Sargent Phillips as Cary Gwynnart

Ian SargentStephen

Ninja Janitors

Just Another Summer


The Land


Chicago Fire

Moli Hall as Janet Townsend Van Mirron

Asylum, The Lost Footage



EZ Money

Commercials for Subway, Verizon Wireless, Oliver Winery

Wildheart Magazine, Rebelicious, Giuseppina Magazine

Emily Lantz as Cherilyn Sykes Fitzsimmons

Emily LantzNew York Film Academy

Rob & Michelle (2013)

Company (Carmel Community Players)

Steel Magnolias (Booth Tarkington Civic Theatre)

Moon over Buffalo (Booth Tarkington Civic Theatre)


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