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"Stardust & Moonbeams" Purpose –
Grab the Camera, Change the View, Spark a Change   

Privilege female perspectives, pleasure, and viewers; promote women’s ownership of the desiring gaze and men’s willingness to be the object of that gaze—empowering women toward more equitable sexual dynamics
Showcase progressive, sexy images of men—for women—to redress the huge imbalance of male gaze/objectified female sexuality that pervades our media and culture; 31% of women in Hollywood films are overtly sexualized through clothing/nudity vs. 8% of men
Grab the camera so women control the view—we are women filmmakers; on Hollywood films, women are 20% of producers, 17% of editors, 10% of writers, 6% of directors, and 3% of cinematographers; on our film, women will hold all of these positions and more 
Target ongoing debate over women’s right to control their own bodies, claim their sexuality, and affirm their own agency—via Jazz Age feminism and women’s history
Women’s sexual empowerment is vitally important right now given recent Supreme Court decisions (no buffer zone to keep protesters away from women seeking help at a Massachusetts clinic, and religious beliefs of corporate owners can trump women’s health necessities)  
So let’s change the view and spark a change—for women & men—with a smart, fun, sexy film
Our film is along the lines of Man as Object: Reversing the Gaze, an exhibition sponsored by Women’s Caucus for Art in 2012 and praised by the Kinsey Institute as “an important development in feminist art.”  It’s about time! 
We’re women, we’re filmmakers, and we love men.  As cinematic entertainment, Stardust & Moonbeams changes the view in shoot-for-the-moon, swing-on-that-star feminist fun—that’s downright serious. 

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