Albion Entertainment announces the release of
"THE STILL LIFE" In September 2005

Los Angeles, CA – First-time director Joel Miller and Los Angeles-based Albion Entertainment explore the fragile separation between failure and success and love and tragedy with their debut film, The Still Life, set to be released in September 2005. 

Starring Jason Barry (Titanic), the film is about the redemption of an artist who struggles to regain himself and his identity after giving in to conventional success. 

This passionate, urban drama details the life of reclusive, alcoholic artist Julian Lamont (Jason Barry, Titanic) and his journey along a path of destructionism – a new genre of art that he accidentally develops during a night of self-loathing.

Throughout the film, he is faced with a myriad of relationships that force him to take responsibility for his personal choices and to make a decision about the kind of artist that he wants to be.

THE STILL LIFE co-stars Lamont’s mean and bitter landlord, Mrs. Stratford (Terry Moore, Welcome Back Little Sheba),his girlfriend (Rachel Miner, Bully), and her boss, a respected art dealer (Don S. Davis, Stargate SG-1).

Artist Julian Lamont (Jason Barry) struggles to pick up the pieces of his tattered life in this poignant drama. A reclusive alcoholic, Julian creates a new art genre called Destructionism, and his works catapult him into the limelight

Miller gained experience in the film world by serving as a set dresser on numerous productions, including “All the Rage” starring Giovanni Ribisi. Previous to forming Albion Entertainment, he worked at a recording studio, and toured with several bands including Guns N Roses, Stone Temple Pilots, The Cranberries and Poison. While traveling with these bands, Miller gained an even deeper appreciation for art and began working on THE STILL LIFE. Miller took his film and music experiences and brought his idea to fruition.

THE STILL LIFE came together incorporating up and coming actors and
established musicians to create an entertainment powerhouse.

The film also features Holly Fields (Wild Roomies), Angel Boris (General Hospital), and Robert Miano (Donnie Brasco) along with a myriad of cameos from Jonathan Davis (lead singer of Korn), Josh Todd (lead singer of Buckcherry), Domenica Cameron-Scorcese, Louise Post (Veruca Salt), Kato Kaelin, Al Snow (WWE Wrestler), Yolanda King (Daughter of Martin Luther King Jr.), Dizzy Reed (Guns N’ Roses), Eddie Hedges (Blessid Union of Souls),  Matt Nelson (Nelson), Kim Shattuck (The Muffs), Doug Carrion (The Descendents), Dean Dinning (Toad the Wet Sprocket), and more.

Is an artist's art really worth his reward? Make your own decision. THE STILL LIFE will be released September 2005 in select theatres.

For more information, please contact:
Joel Miller * 818-348-5276 * [email protected]

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