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JACK DAVENPORT (Edward Fletcher-Wooten) was born into the acting business as the son of veteran actors Nigel Davenport and Maria Aiken. His first screen role was as a zookeeper in the Fish Called Wanda sequel, Fierce Creatures. Davenport then went on to land the part of public school barrister Miles in the landmark BBC television series This Life.

Among his many other British TV credits is a starring role in another awardwinning ensemble series, the brash relationship comedy Coupling. A successful stage actor and radio drama performer, Davenport has impressed film audiences with appearances in such features as The Wisdom of Crocodiles (with Jude Law), The Talented Mr. Ripley (playing Ripley’s final victim, Peter Smith-Kingsley) and as Commander Norrington in the hugely popular Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. He recently re-teamed with Pirates star Johnny Depp in The Libertine, the story of debauched English poet, the Earl of Rochester.

SARAH PARISH (T.J.) is currently one of the busier actresses working in British television. She was voted Best Actress in the 1999 Regional Television Awards for her role as receptionist Dawn Rudge in the series Peak Practice. She has since appeared on such series as The Vice, Cutting It and Blackpool; the miniseries Hearts and Bones, Sirens, Impact and Trust; and in the telefilms Reversals (in which she played a male doctor!) and Unconditional Love. Parish was also seen in Michael Winner’s feature Parting Shots, a dark comedy with Bob Hoskins, Ben Kingsley and John Cleese.

JEREMY SHEFFIELD (Jeffrey) began his career as a dancer with the Royal Ballet. He then turned to acting and appeared onstage at London’s Royal Court Theatre and with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

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(top) Kat Ellis (DEBRA MESSING) hires Nick (DERMOT MULRONEY), a charming and handsome professional male escort, to be her date at her sister's wedding in the romantic comedy The Wedding Date..

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