How to Prequalify for a Mortgage

Purchasing a house is usually the largest single investment that most people make.  But it's also one of the most important steps towards financial freedom and wealth building. 

The benefits, comfort, and convenience that come with home ownership can allow average citizens to reach their financial goals much more quickly than they could through regular renting and saving. 

However, before purchasing a new home, one needs to secure a mortgage, and to do that, certain prequalification steps must be taken.

What Is Mortgage Prequalification?

Mortgage prequalifying means that you secure pre-approval from an accredited lender.  In most cases, a mortgage lender will be a bank or mortgage firm that assesses your credit history, current income, assets, liabilities, and other important information.

Based on these criteria, a lender will determine how large a loan (or how expensive a home) you qualify for. 

Why Go through the Mortgage Prequalifying Process?

In most cases, the mortgage prequalifying process is free, so there is no associated financial penalty. 

In addition, one can save thousands when negotiating the purchase of a home if he or she has a prequalification letter.  Not to mention that any potential buyer with a prequalification letter will receive preference over those who do not. 

Simply put, there is a lot less paperwork involved for the seller if he or she is dealing with someone who has already gone through the prequalification process. 

Lastly, the parameters used during prequalification will help ensure that potential homebuyers stay well within their budget.  There's nothing worse than purchasing a house that one can't afford.

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