VA Home Loans for Veteran's

Veterans and active duty military personnel are advised to take advantage of VA home loans due to the numerous benefits that these types of mortgages offer.

There is a lot less red tape involved with the process, and quite often, no down payment is required for purchasing a new home. 

These two facts alone make VA home loans more attractive than their civilian counterparts.  But there are other advantages worth exploring as well.

VA Home Loan Interest Payments

In most cases, VA home loans have lower interest rates than normal mortgages do.  And quite recently, adjustable rate mortgages have been reinstated. 

This means that a person's interest rate can fluctuate within a specified index during the course of the repayment schedule (making it sometimes easier to chip away at the principal). 

In addition, these interest rate adjustments are limited to a maximum increase or decrease of one percentage point. 

This means that borrowers enjoy a certain degree of protection even if interest rates fluctuate nationwide.

VA Home Loan Limits

Although homes have appreciated nearly 75% since 1995, until recently, the VA home loan caps had only appreciated about 18%.  But just two years ago, the maximum limit was raised to $417,000 (up from $264,000 in 2004). 

This massive increase allows for a lot more leeway and options when it comes to searching for and purchasing new homes. 

The almost 30 million veterans and current military service personnel spread throughout the nation should find the VA home loans a no-brainer given the flexibility, freedom, and options that these attractive mortgage types provide.

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