Entertainment Magazine: Flint Carter: Sign In Roster

"One Park Place" - cabin in the Catalina Mountains Sign In Roster 1997-2003


"High upon a hill one summer he saw the canyon's gold uncovered, a treasure no man could own."Gary H.
4/11-12 The Count of Catalina
4/13 Thanks, Flint - a beautiful place and a lot of hard work went in here. I'll see if I can get you what you want. Stephen Gilley
5/2/97 Enjoyed the Palace & left you some food. Troy, Hugh & Gloria
5/719/7 Halfway JEAM
5/15/97 Stopped on the way Gail
5/17/97 What a great place to take a break. Been coming thru here for 25 years. Camped below by the creek. Left salt by the vortex for the Bigfoot. Gail
6/?/978 days out, so many more to go. Once again, this hollowed range a resting place for my wilderness soul. Thank you General, for relief and respite. Sunshine & SusanShiela MoShiela
6/18/97 3 guys wI packs Tues.
6/3197 Place looking a lot better and beautiful as ever. Been about 5 years. Oscar. P.S. Thanks for the history lesson Sunshine
6/14/97 I love what you've done with the place. Sorry to say I just stopped in for a moment but may take advantage at another time. Must keep pushing on. Alex
6/14/97 6/18197 Down Red Ridge going to Oracle Ridge and out to Fire Sta. (We hope) SAHC
7/3/97J left on my 46th blday on July 1 from Finger Rock Trail but blood showed up in my urine so I went back out. Dr. gave me antibiotics for infection & said I could finish my hike. So evening of July 1 started @ Mr. Lemmon. From Marshall Saddle to Sutherland Trail to La Canada del Oro where I got detoured somehow. Was going out Oracle Ridge but not if J don't get water first at the mines over the saddle. Onward & upward. I left some ziplocked chow including some turkey jerky. Phil Muir
7/4This place is very nice. J cannot believe the total peace & solitude on the back of the Catalinas. So many people festering in the valley like maggots in a warm fleshy carcass, we devour anything in our paths, I hope there is a higher purpose to all of the destruction of nature, I am thankful for the serenity of the trails. Happy Independence Day.Shayne Ne" P.S. Thank you for the history note, it's nice to know that nature is appreciated.
7/6 Well my soul feels cleansed of the filth from the city, I guess I can go back for another week. I borrowed your Reliance 5 gallon water container and left some untreated water in it. There is a little pool of water about 100 yds. downstream from the junction.Be kind, respect Mother Nature, and never reap what She has sown. Back country man Phil MuirP.S. How about picking up some of this trashy metal, it does not blend with the landscape. It makes me want to puke!!!
7/10Thursday Trekkers - Saddle Brooke Polly Reynolds 2912ADon Kirk 1391
7/13/97A very unique little oasis in the desert - never been anywhere like this in over 600 days in the field. Thanx for the human kindness & we'll be back for some grocery drops later.Joanne Wright & Russell ChamberlainFor all things, there is a season - NamasteGeneral I had left the city, for its dirt & grime. Factory work, to make mountain time. Here I found love (B.T.) Sunshine What a long strange trip it's been G.D. This is the essence of true beauty. Shalene My girl and I planned to go roam the DCO while it's still temperate. As nature would have it, monsoons built up and we scurried here for a little shelter. Upon entering we read the register and realized we had started seeing each other 2 months ago to the day here!SunshineYour comments are treasured
10/4/974 more days and I'm 50 - 27 years of Paradise. The General This place is cool. Riffel Francis from N.Y.C.
10/4/97 This is not an abandoned cabin. This is private. A loved place appreciated by one and all, maintained and built by hand. Let it be. For time. Balfour Walker

William "The General" Carter standing in front of "One Park Place," an old cabin hidden deep in the Santa Catalina Mountains, near Oracle Ridge.

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4/11/98 Thank you for the snack for an always hungry hiker. Mark Morrison: Arizona Trail Hiker (Mexico ~Utah) Mommy, look at all the trees Mommy, look at all the little animals in those but here comes a cloud a very dark cloud what will happen do you suppose? Mommy where are all the trees? Mommy, where are all the little animals? Mommy, Mommy, where are you? Help save our Mother, we all make the world the way it is.
4/29/98 Thanks everybody for keeping the place tidy. Please remember to pack out your trash. Black bears roam here, & we hate to remove trash-dependent bears that have become aggressive to people. Enjoy! Forest Service
5/9198 Great to have a home for the night. J.D., Wisconsin
5/16/98 Brief rest stop, back to Red Ridge. Back
6/9198. D. High W. Borton The Santa Catalina Mts. are supposedly named by Padre Francisco Kino on the day of Saint Catarina. This area, the North Canyons and Slope, where the principal paths of exploration by miners, woodcutters (for the large Mammoth, AZ smelter), and ranchers. A stamp mill and ore machine still exist in the drainages near here and Coronado Camp, mute testimony to hundreds of men and women who toiled in the wild southwestern wilderness after the turn of the century. Gone are the days when strike news was expectantly waited for in Tucson and Mammoth. Nor do I think anyone got outrageously rich, though the Oracle mine still operates in what was once the "Ole Hat" mining district. But before they left the miners cut and blasted the Oracle roads last 9 miles to the village of Summerhaven. Considered a heroic feat, the road was so narrow and treacherous that passage was controlled and traffic moved in one direction part of the day and the other direction the other part of the day, hence the name "Control Road." Still, this small dirt track provided the only non-stock or footpath access to the Catalinas and 'Summerhaven until 1952. Most ranching outfits are long gone and the air no longer rings with the sound of blasting and the grind of mining machinery. Nature reigns now. slowly retaking the land that iron and steam reshaped. As you wander this range, leaving only footprints and memories, please remember those who came before. Sunshine Welcome to Catalina Camp leased by the Iron Door Mine Inc. We welcome you to enjoy this special part of nature and please respect it !I! Eat all you need but leave some for others who visit I!! The sign-in roster is part of a new book called The Canyon of Gold.
5/24/98 20 years and it just gets better! The General & Shawn S, Lynn Cisci 16
5/25/98 EUK Gail Sutton
5/24/98 Camped out through today a few hundred yards upstream from Catalina Camp which is down by the creek where the trails meet. Check your map. I've been hiking through here almost 30 years. This old shack was de crepit back then. Great restoration. Anyway, the far east fork of Canada del Oro was running quite well. Even a side canyon had water. Ladybugs were thick, almost a nuisance there were so many. Tucson may have hit 100 degrees today, so I know my hike from here to the sawmill will be sunny and warm.
5/29/98 Back again - Ahhh, another season in the CDO. It's good to see it's still so good. Today & tomorrow we restore Coronado Camp !! Sunshine 6/6/98 Mtn. biked from Oracle, down Red Ridge. I like this old cabin! Lee Blackwell
6/6/98 Rode wI Lee up #38 down Red Ridge back to Dan Saddle, Oracle Ridge. Just passing through. B. Barf (insert drawing)
6/20/98 Orner Khan (Pakistan) Kersten Menzel (Germany)
6/27/98 Heading back up! Craig Gordon
6/22/98 Toni Laxague 6/28/98 Steve & Teresa Snider
7/2198 Thursday trekked SaddleBrooke Polly Reynolds 7/13/98 Is not our God so incredibly awesome - just look at all of this awesome beauty that He created. Praise God!! Sean Millhorn Cheryl Hudgin God is what life is about! There is NOTHING without Him!
7/18/98 Camping was great Royal Rangers - East Side Assembly of God
7/18/98 Joseph Sacco Danna Field 17
7/23/98 The Iron Door Mine, Inc. welcomes all travelers to our humble abode. You are invited to use what you need and leave what you can, for those who follow behind you. Please register your name for a new book being written called The Canyon of Gold. Robert J. Tanin
8/7/98 Terry Metcalf, Orue Gilbert, Tash Lawrence
8/10/98 Lee & Mike and 3 dogs, Tucson
8/21/98 Dean McAlister, Tucson Bob LeJeune, Tucson
8/21/98 Hurricane Bohne & pals, Tucson
9/1198 Ricki Mensching, Tucson
9/1/98 Harry & Dorothy Wilhelmsen
9/1/98 Cathy Casey, Ft. Walton Beach, FL
9/1/98 Tosh Lawrence, Tucson
9/10/98 Wendy & Matt Scholtz Paul Weideman
9/91 to 9/12/98 Todd & Jamie Vlastnik 9/12/98 Brent Sneller, Grand Haven, MI 9/17/98 SaddleBrooke Hikers (9 in all)
9/17-18/98 Donald Miller
9/17-18/98 Fred Janz
9/20/98 Sarah & Michael 10/18/98 3 Smiths
12/24/98 Merry Xmas - by bicycle Dean Luger 18 12/26/98 Paul Leech Emanuele Souza, Torino (Italy)


3/1/99 The General A special prayer! "Cisco" Just great Harry Hower, Edgewater B. C. Great hideout Jeff Lainhart back in 1999 USFS trail crew Sunshine Thank you, this is great! I too hope that this historic place will allway's remain as it is in our heart's as home. Sincerely yours in the wilderness experience, "was hear" Joe, U.S. Forest Svc. SU.
3/28/99 (insert drawing)
5/2199 Sunny, not too hot - just perfect - we left everything as we found it. Thanks! Jake & Sandrine, Anne Arbor & Laninon, France
5/29/99 A little warm Christy Young
5/29/99 What a surprise to see a stable population out here - beautiful country - hard work! Gary, Leslie, Nathan & Daniel (and Kirby the smooth fox terrier) ??? Welcome to the "Canyon of Gold." Please enjoy and respect! Your comments are appreciated and will be part of a historical documentary. Many books & movies portray this area's history: (AZ Hoof Trails _ Woods; Iron Door Mine - Wright; Oracle Speaks - Schifano) Enjoy The General
6/17/99 Dr. Flu just passed thru. Howdy to you!! ??? Please remove trash from Catalina Camp. This is a beautiful area. Let's keep it that way! Sandy Sledge
7/6/99 Commanding. General Joe was hear
7/6/99 Adam Lockyer - Back Country Trail Crew 19
7/6/99 "yo tengo las mas grande verga del mundo." Hopi con (?) Jed Hammer Joseph Nettle
7/10/99 This is a great idea - thanks to everyone! "If the thunder don't get you, the lightning will." Jean Svadlenka, San Luis Obispo, CA
7/17/99 Thanks, General - This place is a real life-saver during the monsoon season! Got rained on for 24 hours straight, and a dry place to crash fit the bill nicely Edward Gray & Harley (the dog) (paw print) "Mayall your journeys be winding and treacherous, and lead to the most spectacular view." E.A. (condensed version) P.S. Jean S - Thanks for the tip, you are an awesome individual!
8/5/99 Dr. Flu again cruising thru. How do?
9/1/99 Creepy, but very historical and practical. I like it. Excellent idea and implementation. Definitely make the path of lesser resistance worthwhile. Charles A. Willert II KA, RE, Y Dieu et les Dames.
9/2/99 Cliffhangers: Cliff Holms, Pam Parry, Carol Smith, Margorie Peterson, Kathy Schultz, Susan Tucker, Gary Kern, Mel Copeland, Marleen McCall
9/14/99 "Stop stealin our signs" Sunshine Mike USFS Trail Foreman - SCRD KJ was Here! Yogi was Here! ??? unknown dates - sometime before
10/2/99 ??? In one week it will be 21 years since I was last here. I hope it's not that long before I return
(??) Pack it in ... carry it out. .. help keep the place clean. May the gods of the mountain walk with you ... " ??? Sure glad I came. It is wonderful here. I'll be back if God is willing, Oct 2, 1999. Paul Albrecht, Sr. B.H.P. 20 years
(???) ??? Not quite Hawaii but good enough. Robert
??? Had a great day looking for gold. Found many samples. Now if I could only carry out the ??? name??? I'm back, thank God. Paul A. Albrecht, Sr. 20
10/2/99 I was here for pure enjoyment. Some time I will be back. God willing! Paul Albrecht
10/10/99 Hidee-Ho we still go The General
??? TLPZ - Back after 21 years. Time moves on but beautiful memories never fade. TURONE Pahaska - Where's Gina?
???/1999 Today I came with time to share the sun and mountains with friends that care. The beauty lye's here. Janice O. When a fire burns inside your heart, let it be the torch to lead the way. GinaV Thanks Gina & General Pahaska
10/17/99 David Yadgorov Thank to people who take care of the place. It's wonderful!
10/17/99 Back again for more fun - for love of nature Janice 1
0/17199 Tyrone & The General with lovely Janice
11/13/99 SAHC hike 11/16/99 Pazy bien! Max,ofur
12/29/99 Had fun climbing on the mountain. Glad for the rest and lunch at the cabin. It's beautiful. Sunshine Woodford 21


(Kept since 1991) Will be in historical documentary called Canyon of Gold
1/1/00 We had heard about the shelter, but were afraid it would not have been Y2K compliant. Yet, to our relief, it was still standing (smiling face). The Arizona Trail has been treating us well since our arrival on Reddington Road. We have seen numerous beautiful sites from Hutch's Pool to the top of Mt. Lemmon, and now this adorable cabin. We will take home to Washington D.C. not only memories of the beautiful scenery, but also the friendly personalities we met along the way. Happy trails. Phun Kel & Krapik Caminando en el "Red Ridge Trail" Oli el distingvido aroma del rroyo. Con colores de otona, disfrutando del invierno. De fa sombra haua (spelling?) ellado con sol cruzmos de un canon a otro. De noche nos convertiremos en investras sombras. Te deseo todo 10 mejo de esta vida. (names of 1/21/00 not readable)
2/13/00 Reminds me of my days up in the Wood River Valley of Alaska. Glad to see places like this still standing. Beautiful spot, I'll look forward to returning. Mark E. Miller, History Dept, U 0 fA
3/7/00 Paradise RieU & The General
3/16/00 Thanks a bunch for the water and cokes for three tired horseback riders. D. Reaser (spelling?) 3/24/00 Arizona hiker, Mexico, Oracle
3/26/00 Charley Davis, Santa Fe, NM
4/6/00 Back again, I love this place. Paul A. Albrecht, Sr. 4/6/00 Some ride. Archie (Tommy R.R.)
4/6/00 Paradise Dave again 4/8/00 Scott Duecker
4/8/00 Open area in Paradise Shawn S. & Thomas J. Davey 22
4/14/00 AZT thru hiking and friends stopped by Rob, Sail, Ken & John
4/15-16/00 The General thanks the troops. A fire break has been started. Please be careful with fire.
4/16/00 Thomas Davey & Shawn S 4/16/00 Bryan back. Thanks for the patio. It was a nice treat.
4/19/2000 How sweet it is The General
4/19/2000 I love this place. Came with the General. Paul A. Albrecht, Sr. & Chewy
4/19/2000 J. Ringo was here 4/25 Time is silver & blood is colored gold Esmeralda never will grow old Please be careful of fires!! The General
4/25/00 I'll never forget this place Paul A. Albrecht, Sr. Chewy
4/30100 Movin'dirt Rich Athey & Dog Brown
4/30/00 Can you dig it. Steve Rusin
4/30/00 Thanks to all the folks who so generously help maintain this spot!! The General
5/5100 Thanks General! A very special place. Paul Pineo - Tucson
5/71/00 Cool place, the skippster was here with her buddy Shiffty. Thanks, General You are a beautiful person! Semper Fi, John Dell 23
5/16/00 General, Just happened to come upon your nice little retreat Thanks for the generous hospitality. Stop into the Alpine ask for Don, Bones, or Beaker
5/24/00 What a great place Paul A. Albrecht, Sr. Chewy
5/24/00 La vie da sante is here! The General, Darrel & Rich
5/25/00 Love the chandelier. Real class! Saddle Brooke F Troop. 8 hikers
5/27/00 Retreat is one that requires an attack. Great place, thanks Bill Elder
5/27/00 Earl Tilley 5/28/00 Awesome 2 finally meet the General. He is putting me to work. Great place. Shayne Hall Nice place, too bad the oaks are doing bad. Hope we get some water. Patp __ Happy Memorial Day - some veterans got what we served for -God bless America The General
5/28/00 Worked a little, relaxed a lot Steve Rusin
5/28/00 Mike Barvey & Agatha Beins 51?100 Wishing I was there now. Hoping its still as beautiful
5/30/00 On my way to Oracle ridge I met with a group of very friendly folks. What a nice surprise! Thank you for the ice cold coke. Aldo Magri, Oro Valley
6/16/00 May everyone that passes through here find clarity in their journey. Rob 24
6/17/00 If you can read this you are enjoying the serenity. Congrats. Marty Party Deanna Kim
6/17/00 Where here but rain Steve Russ & Mark Hanes
6/22/00 The General Its so cool up here! Paul A Albrecht, Sr. Chewy
6/24/00 What a way to go Steve Rush 7/05 Luna & Blue rested here - thanks 7/06 Solar power works! The General
7/6/00 I'm closer to the gold Paul A. Albrecht, Sr. Chewy!
7/7/00 thanks MW
7/7/00 BJ 718 Ricki Mensching Jim Hawnley Teri Metcalf Jim Martin
7/11/00 So close to the answer ... The General
7/11/2000 What was the question? Steve 7/13 just stopped in passing to check it out Kevin Stoltzfus David Baker 25
7/26/00 "Sunshine" Mike Watson USFS Wilderness Tech. - Trails foreman - "Wherever the trails take us" David Baker
7/26/00 "eat drink and be merry" D.M. peace to all J. Lohmier
8/3 Carrie Steve Jones Kathy Alison Maricic Sperry & Donna Van Langerveld Harry & Dorothy Wilhelmsen
8/11 An interesting bike trail!? Sean Davis Slayer
8/14 We got into a little trouble! This was a godsend. We ate canned tomatoes & corn, which we plan to replace. Thanks. Jamie
8/14/00 Phyliss Same I Above - Thanks
8/18/00 Some interesting trail the other way! Sam Davis
8/181 Cool place here. John Meh, _
8/21/00 Id be a nicer spot if people took their trash. Wyatt & Stacee and the dog Mason
8/26 Audrey & Sally
9/2 Camped out here for a few days. Thanks to the General and all others who have kept up this place. Cleaned up a little. Next time will bring in a broom. The river's flowing well. Gail 26
9/3/00 Stayed here for six days. Good rehab from civilization. Drank lots of stream water. Read a lot of Edmond Bordeauz Szekely. Changed my whole life around. Got baptized by the Angels of water, sunshine and air. Nice place! Mark Ocha Tucson Citizen P.S. All praise, honor, power & glory to the Earthly Mother of the Heavenly Father!
9/9/00-9am Rode our horses down from Red Ridge trail head to Oracle, AZ. Can't hardly believe this is all here and not vandalized. Left 4 extra batteries in case someone's flashlight is low. Tracie Clegg Can't believe after 2 yrs of wanting to see this place, that I am truly impressed. What a great example of how life use to be. Excellent adventure!! Marney Fairbanks
9/10100 - 4pm Had to take shelter here due to huge downpour. Was planning to go back Red Ridge trail. Too late. Nice place to shelter from the storm. The Wanders 2000
9/16-17/00 Welcome!!! life is sweet! Please close door on frig & cabin. Thanks, The General
9/16-17/00 Great weather, great view. Enjoyed my visit and shall return. Thanks Mother Nature and the General. Scott K. Williams P.S. Our thanks to the rest of the crew of the weekend's work. Thanks Mark and Steve. We put a good dent in it.
9/16-17/00 I came a looking for gold & all I can find are these damn 60 karat garnets. Steve Reisner Sunday 9/17 A nice breezy sunny day. Quite a treat finding this cabin. Thanks to Doug Kreutz & the AZ Daily Star. Mark & Kim
9/17 -10:30am Hiked from Red Ridge. Didn't know it could be driven. Nice, if people removed their trash. 10:35 _ heading back. RonWassnup
9/20 4:20pm Arrived after quite a hike down, can't wait to go back up! It's nice to see people leave this place in good shape. Take care. 420. A&B
9/24/00 hey, groovy, or something James and Aaron
9/24/00 Thank to the General for emergency care package like I've never seen. Will be back & bring some supplies to leave and help out. Kent Loper 27
9/24/00 Thank you General. I feel so welcome. I'll be back. Thank you God. Lynne Schultz
9/24/00 What a wonderful peaceful place to stop and rest. Thank you for sharing. Amy Gorrell
9/26/00 Nice hike down, not looking forward to going up! George Dudzic
9/26/00 Beautiful little treasure on the mountains. Be back some day. Jesus Monteil
9/27/00 S.A.H.C. "Neat place" Ralf Deason
72021 Erika Hartz CindyZ AnnH. Earl Hartz Ron Stirling
9/30100 The perfect place to relax before starting back uphill John Carroll It's addictive! Linda Hey! You guys've got chairs! Nice touch, Rian Clawsen
9/30100 Arrived here - first visit. Came down Oracle Ridge trail. Nice to know so many are helping to preserve these little treasures. I don't plan on staying the night but wish we had time to - this is what it's all about _ Bev & Robert Yorkin
10/14 Two crazy girls took there bikes on a hike up Oracle Ridge from American Flag on their way to Mexico. Thanks for the tuna and kidney beans. The Shiela Monsters 10/28 Camping overnight - Borrowed shovel - will return on our way out tomorrow. A little chilly today - saw some snow up on the highway. Thanks. Scott & Shelly
10/29/00 Hey guys awesome place! 3rd time here with my buddy Shifty and I'm sure we will be back. Take care. Skippy 1
2/10/00 Bitchin - sunshine - killer - pesto Thank you 28
12/16/00 Great place (Iuv it here). Came with Chewy my friend my dog Paul A. Albrecht, Sr. Chewy
12/16/00 Still keeping the faith - grinnin & winnin. Happy holidays to all. The General Feels like home Wayne N. _
12/24/00 Hi General, It's Shayne Hall stopping in to say hi. I was the one who was going to clean up your trees for burn control. I brought my father to see your place. He was a miner for over 20 years. Progress looks good on your mine. Take care. Shayne Hall P.S. The tree clean up looks great!!!! 29


2/17-18/01 Enjoyed cabin stay. Kept warm by wood stove. Great cabin. Happy trails. C. Beaver
3/23/01 Hey General - Great job! - I'm Impressed! AZ Trail hikerlrunner - Mexico to Utah. Day #10 & turned out be longer than planned. Good luck to all & walk softly. 95 MEGA 98 ADT DECA 01 AZT MEXUT Keep truckin' Hoosiers! Brian Start, Tucson, AZ
03/31/01 Home again. Wayne N , Maricopa, AZ
04/01/01 3 yrs ago I came back to the States from a foreign jungle. Guess it was April Fools day. What happened to this country?? Honesty, respect, decency, honor still exist here. A special "good bye" to Archie who passed away Friday. He was a good marine and our party pal! God bless!! The General
4/16/01 Remember, before the miners were here, there were others here, the Apache, the Tohono O'Odam, the Hohokam and many others before them. These were people who were, and are still, part of the land here. These mountains became their bodies, and their bodies became these mountain! They are still here watching us! They watch us Tree and Rock, us Bird and Squirril, us Fox and Coyote, us Mountain Lion and Bear, us Wind and Rain. Be careful and respectful with your actions here. What you do, does not go unnoticed by the Mountain. Hears Like Coyote 5/1 Rabbit Rabbit! AZT Mex-Utah Grizzly & Sio Ride Shake'n'Bake Blelvis
5/9/01 - Sunday Puff puff - AZ to Utah Pat & John
5/12 -13/01 I came to enjoy. To get away I like it. Chewy likes it too. God bless you Mom. Paul A. Albrecht ,ex-miner Chewy
5/12-13 Dug a little - rained - happy Mother's Day Mom ~ sure miss you G god bless The General
5/13/01 - Sunday 7:30AM? "Happy Mom's Day" Just leaving, "General." Thanks for a great place to come and relax. Had one of my best adventures here. Thanks, ever. Hope to come back soon to visit & work! Perfect weather. Good luck and best wishes Jim Hicks 30
5/26 Just passing through John & Lisa (WI Sara) 5/27 a pipe dream come true Jenna, Sam, Alison (KY, IN, OH)
5/30 - 5/31 Stopped by for a couple of days Todd, Heath & Drew
6/2/01 What a pleasant surprise - a place that isn't trashed! Way cool! John & Chris UA 6/9/01 - 1 0:50am Sue, Misty, & Michella want to say this place is amazing! We came in horseback, we rode Canada del Oro from Charloux Gap from Catalina up to Summerhaven. On way down we discovered the trail leading to this place. Our 3 horses & 2 dogs & the 3 of us appreciate the beauty of this place, and how well kept the trails are as well as the fact it hasn't been trashed. We did not take anything. Thanks! (Van Dorns)
6/15 Wow! What a step back in time! I feel privileged to be a guest. Thanx - this is one in a million - what an adventure! Mark & Theresa
6/16 The Synergy group from Casas Adobes Baptist Church was here. Awesome. Dasha
6/17 Sunshine & Friends
6/23 Hey great hike! Sarah & Julie 6/23 Came & saw the gold moon in honor of those past in mine. 6/24 Southern Arizona Hiking Club Deborah Mayer - Happy Solstice Steve Bogart Philip Davis Bill Tifft James Carachan Bob Fabuzza
6/29/01 Dan Davis, Mike Hansom, Dave Collins, John Maloney, Cyn-D Turner & Scott McMullen, along with Rigg the Wonder Dog. "I wonder what I'm doing?" Fine day in Paradise. Great day - 31
7/14/01 ("Tom's (34) B-Day Ride") Rode in on mountain bikes during a storm. Was sure glad to find shelter. Thanks! What a nice place to run into. Signed, Ed Timberman Chad Cornelius Tom Lawler
7/15/01 Hiked down Red Ridge on a whim. Missed Gladys. Thinking about heading back by Oracle Ridge, but losing my ambition in this peaceful place. Maybe )'11 stay awhile ... Mikel
7/21/01 Heard about this place. Very refreshing. Very clean. Feel safe. Thanks for all everyone's efforts to keep it that way. Mary & Tony
7/24 Great place- thanks Mountain Bikers Dick Bogart Jerry Quesoul
8/5/01 Not to alarm or discourage anyone but there is a little fury guest living here. Maybe stock this place wI mouse traps.
9/8/01 Michael Mellor
9/8/01 Tony & Becky Mellor
9/21/01 Bobby Oppel
9/21/01 Gregg Warren
9/22/01 Rick & Cindy Gerhart 9/22/01 Margaret Walker
9/22-23 I have traveled all over the USA. Where are you now? Simply at peace. Dig a little, have some sun, enjoy the earth, below you,r feet. The world turns another day. . Jim Royce e-. 7th Engineer Div., 2nd Battalion FSSG, Catalina Base
9/23/01 Thanks General for: the experience of mining, and busting throw solid ROCK! It was a grand experience. The cabin was nice! But the stars were better! Keep up the good work - people love you! Thanks. Henry York 32
9/22-23 The world has changed since the 11th, pray for peace! Thanks to all that do not trash this little peace of paradise. Dad, see you in heaven, sure will miss you. Wonder if the people coming here know how much you done for them. God bless all. The General
10/20/01 Alan Spitz was here! I am a veteran (but old) obsessive hiker currently trying to hike out the last system trails in the Santa Catalinas if the weather holds. Previous to this I have completed all hiking trails in the Santa Ritas, Zion National Park, Kendrick Mtn Wilderness, Kachina Peaks - Little Elder, Mundo(?) Mtn, Granite MtnlBasin, Superstitions, 4 Peaks, Mt. Baldy, Escudilla, Sierra , Salome, Saddle Mtn - a long list plus the Arizona Trail (built sections!) N of here and about 300 mi square of the Prescott Nat! Forest S of Prescott. Hoping this weather holds (and Arizona had falls and winters that dry in 1996 and 1982 at least) I hopefully move on to the E part of Rincons, 5 trails at Sheep Bridge _ in the Maratzal, Castle Creek, and Cedar Birch wilderness, etc. Don't know why people move here then love it when it's cold, rainy or snowy. Something wrong here. Personally I didn't live here until 2000 and I've seen too many yukky days. Hasta la vista baby gotta run.
10/21/01 All the comforts of home, plus rodent droppings and a gas mask. Incredulously, I spent last night here, camped on the floor, was visited by no ghosts other than a tiny white spectre with long tail and whiskers, and now I depart, longs full of fresh air again and high hopes for the avoidance of hanta virus, plague, and the like. Now I know where to go in the event of mass bioterrorism (and I'm only half joking on that one.) Blisterfree, AT GA-ME 196 LT, CT '98 Pct Mex-Con '99-'01
19 Oct 01 (& '86!) Great place of quiet & solitude! Namaste I Shanti Gina & Shawna 10/20101 Heard about white gold. If there's any truth to the story we'll soon be attempting unassisted fly-bys, Steve R. 1
0/20101 Here I am again busten rock, half way there. To where I don't know! But havin fun. Be back soon to do it again. Henry York
10/20/01 About the mine, don't mind the company is fine, fall runs Aspen yellow, bed rock - silver, Cody stone, heavy equipment operator. From Argonan ... Looking for blue turtles ... ____ Roybal
10/20101 White powder gold (si: _' " David Hudson check internet The General The place looks alright. What a lovely thing a running stream can be. Jeremia Burnett
11/3/01 Didn't know this was here. I will have to make us of it in the future. Drew Milsom 33
11/5 - noon What a surprise! Nice to get in out of the rain. Perfect timing. Hiking the Red Ridge I Oracle Ridge look. Marigold Love 115 A perfect retreat for relaxation & calm. A special place to find. Monique Kundrat 11/9 Stopped by - no one home. Maybe next time! Norma
11/19/01 A restful but creepy place. First but not last time. Eric Christensen - U 0 fA Observatory
11/24/01 Great day for a walk. No reason to stay here. Peter Lashen 12/22/01 Some snow, but not bad. Enjoy! 34


1/9/02 SAHC Hank Scussel RalfDeason
1/20102 Looking for cattle and lions ChetWold 1/23/02 AZ Trail hiker passing through. It snowed all day today. This place is a nice fest spot. Took a chance & stayed the night. Desert Dweller P.S. Borrowed some water, left some hot chocolate. "The highest treason, the meanest treason, is to deny the holiness of this small blue planet on which we journey through the cold void of space." - Edward Abbey
1/27/02 Red Ridge - Oracle Ridge - up, up & awaay! Mike L&Solo
2/02/02 A couple of bionaut hobos stopped buy on a blustery winder's day but nobody was home.
2/15/02 My first trip to the Canyon of Gold. Beautiful Tom Blowers (?)
2/15/02 What can I say Buetiful Left Martin "Tinus"(?) Sanchez 3/19/02 Traveling through on way from Mexico to Utah. Camped at Wild Cow Springs last night in the snow storm. Wish I had gone the two miles more to here. Thanks to all who keep this a nice place. Tony Rasch, Bozeman, MT
3/26/02 6 mt ladies Jeanne Hartmann
3/28/02 - 2pm The Canyon of Gold is a wonderful Place. I too am thru-hiking the Arizona Trail - maybe I'll catch up to Tony. I doubt it though since I'm taking my time and enjoying the magical little places along the way -like this camp. Anyone who has the chance should check out the upper part of the Canada del Oro trail. The forest there has Douglas Fir trees that are large enough to remind me of home. Looks like rain but 1'1( take my chances up on the Oracle Ridge Trail. Later ... John Brinda, Bellingham, WA P.S. Thanks for the root beer! Nice place to rest for a bit. Thanks! Bob & Danny _ 35
3/30/02 Out hiking with 9 yr old son and 2 of his friends. Fairly easy 5 miles down from fire station. 3 miles back up look a bit tougher. Had lunch enjoyed the rest stop. Paul, Jeff, Steve, Spencer
4/4 Came with the guys Good bunch 2 flats The General 4/4102 Co-Captains Jim Hansen Herb Bevans CPL Keith M _ :-:-:-:--:-:--:-:-Green Nick Kelly John Philip Paul Brown Ben De Silva
4/8/02 - 1 :30pm Stopped here while hiking the AZ Trail north. Wonderful spot. Thanks for the soda and water. Next time here, we will haul out trash. Thanks much. Bill Leightenheimer and Kathy Gish, Tucson, AZ
4/14/02 This is Paradise! Reminds me of Gilligan's Island ... where's Maryann? John Davisman, Madison, WI
4/20102 -1 0:22pm Wonderful spot, 4th time for me. Walking up with 2nd hip replacement from last year. Won't be last time here! Love it. Walter Watson
5/18/02 - 2pm Cycling Oracle Ridge - what a treat! Did some maintenance (now not so overgrown). Resting here to attempt climbing Red Ridge. We'll see how it goes. HOT. But I'm loving it. Nice work with the cabin. North side of Lemmon is the true wilderness. Scott Morris
5/24/02 Chuck Seal, Woodstock, Virginia
7/18/02 Forests reopened TODAY! Came down CDO -lot's of trees but a beautiful ride. Slow & persistent showers have followed me all day. Now, back to Red Ridge. Great cabin! Scott Morris
8/3102 1st time here was 65 (10 yr old) Back then there was 4 cabins. This trip came with wife, Tracy, and Son, Cameron, 14 yr old. Thanks, will be back Rob Sheldon(?)

8/30102 Samaniego I Red Ridge loop. No rain this time. Woo hoo! Beautiful ride & dayl Scott & Alan Morris 36
8/31/02 Back again Gen. Here to work on the mine, about got stuck on the road but we made it. Be back next week. Henry York Thanks Uncle General! It's beautiful here. I'll be back again. Charity I'm back I love it up here quiet, an peaceful. Next time Chewy will be here. Paul A. Albrecht
8/31/02 One more sweet Jesus thanks ever so much !I! What blessing's! We try to preserve and protect The General
9/1102 - 1 :50m - 84 degrees Hiked down from Red Ridge Trail. Knew about this cabin, but almost turned back when I spotted a deer which led me here. Spend time in surrounds & reading "An African in Greenland" Hope people will continue to respect this place. Que te vaya bien! John Kristofl Just hiking through. Refreshing stream below! Neat cabin - takes you back in history John Dukes & Shelly Lemon
9/15/02 - Sunday 0000. Do I have to go homel No! Not now I just got here. "I will be back!" I love it! Lawanda Kay Meade Love it here - nice and peaceful. When are you going to pave to road for my car? Be back with the truck Richard Fuarc
9/15-16/02 Paradise - but damn mosquitoes - will be gone soon - a little closer to opening 1812 tunnel. Lots of dirt in those holes. Before long we may know or maybe never. The General
9/20/02 Let's get this mine in production Greg Becken, AZ Mine Inspector
9/21/02 Up at the Catalina Camp with the General, chipping a way at the rock. Daniel L. Dunhill , High Jinks Mine 9/21/02 Came back to work this mine, have some fun. Great place to get away Mark Howes
9/21/02 It's really nice up here. Count your blessing. Paul A. Albrecht
9/21/02 Bye bye boulder - onward to the answers. Thanks to all that have helped in the adventure The General
9/29/02 C. Stubbs 37 J. Couto ¥s A. Jones Spirit and Ryan we were here in Oct 2002, 2 smoke more pot
11/20102 Midday - warm - 6200 ft. - filled with mining history. Magnificent Canada del Oro - General's story-telling is life-filling & should be repeated - taped. A soft wind caresses this enchanted place - Blessings, Nancy P. Masland
11/20102 Beautiful view & peaceful R.S. Milam What a beautiful place so glad to be able to see this side of the mountain, and heard all the history. Wilma Huggett
11/20/02 Here with Wilma Hugget, Nancy & Shane. Great food great fun. God bless! The General
11/23/02 Ricky and Dixie Dog
11/23/02 Scott Casale
11/23/02 Bye bye boulder!! The General Wants again I here to brake rock Loven every minit. Henry York
11/23 Just checking the place out! Joy! Kelly and Mort
11/29 Be happy - we are Mark Howes Jim Royce Scott Casale The General
12/8/02 Scott Casale Paul Albrecht A little more comfortable!! Please keep clean, The General
12/10/02 Scott Casale I'm going home, I'll be back Paul A. Albrecht & Chewy Stained glass for you - please enjoy!!! The General 38
12/12/02 I enjoy it up here Paul A. Albrecht
12/12/02 Praise the Lord and pass the peace! Happy holidays and hope for peace on earth
12/15/02 More muck need some luck The General
12115102 Just came to dig the place ??? Fleming Richard ???rd
12/15/02 Oh boy! Chewy is going to be piss off but I'll will talk to him. Pau I A. Albrecht 39


2/1/03 I love it here Paul A. Albrecht
2/1/03 Top of the world looking down my nose at the shity city Uncle Bob
2/1/03 Damn boulder tuff nut to crack. We lost 7 astronates today. God bless their souls and spirit of adventure The General
2/2/03 Jerry Cheatham, Las Cruces, NM
2/2/03 Do you know Jerry's story Victoria Peak (??) The General
2/1-2/03 Spent night rolled rock in morn this is God's countryl Richard 2/2/03 Chadwick
2/3/03 M.P. & B.P. (insert drawing of heart with question mark inside it)
2/22/03 Kelli & Hill, Boston, MA
3/28/03 Time: Noon Thanks! "Giddy up1" Jimmy Coyote & horse "Sarge", Tucson, AZ
3/29/03 A & A Zeppetella, Tucson, AZ
4/3/03 Quirky little shack. Onward on AZr thru-hike. Li Brannfas, Grand Canyon, AZ
4/5/03 I am glad I came Paul A. Albrecht, ex-copper miner
4/5/03 Hope all visitors enjoy this piece of heaven as much as we do! The General
4/5/03 Back again. Just for a few hours it's still worth the trip Richard Roard 40
4/13/03 Thank you! for giving me the chance sorry Chewy Paul A. Albrecht
4/13/03 Mid afternoon, the cabin - thanks for the experience of digging in the past - again - my 2nd time here - About 80 degrees sunny James Hicks
4/13/03 Still diggin this place Richard Foard
4/27/03 Just like the guide described. Very nice. Arizona Trail Hikers: Jeff Rundquist Darryl Sieker
4/29/03 Love this place. Living in style tonight. Really love the chandelier! Thanks for such a cool place. (insert picture of smiley face) Sue Thomas (Alb, Canada) - going to Utah!
5/7/03 Breakthrough day? We'll see next time. S. Rusin
5/7/03 Came to work but had a good time anyway Tino
5/7/03 Came for work & pleasure, got both. Greta
5/7/03 Much - muck - muck is a good thing! Closer but no answers. Enjoy, The General
5/10/03 This was it, Ain't no shit. Nothin but blue skies from now on Steve Rush
5/10/03 Dreams come true We found it! Loree (insert drawing of pyramid)
5/10103 Gold gold gold Paul A. Albrecht
5/10/03 We found it! everything is possible in life if you look Terra Dinsmore 41 We came we saw the foe We opened the hole Richard Foard
5/10103 The experience of a lifetime Make it all worthwhile Congrats General Robert Thompson 5/10/03 We did it! Just like planned The General 5/11/03 I stopped by this morning, met Tino. Nice place! Wayne Zespy ...
5/11/03 "John & Lisa - Almost made it. met It " at bottom of canyon. Tino
5/11/03 This is where the past and the future meet in one fantastic place full of memories and future possibilities. David & Tina Russell
5/11/03 Beauty is a blessing that moves through time and hearts - true ??? one of beauty and heart. David Russell
5/11/03Came with the Denmark Doc and his lovely wife, shared serenity. The General
5/14/03 Zipitty do da The General Greta from Switzerland and the rich man of Catalina
5/17/03 Blessed be! Proxy to Nature, no relation. Sara Culberson & Melody Albright
5/17/03 Cleared fire break. Please be careful with fires - a dry year. The General
5/24/03 Isaias Torres
5/24/03 Kurt Keller
5/24/03 Thanks William - beautiful! David 42 5/24/03 Javier Mora
5/24/03 l really like this place. Thank you, General. Paul A. Albrecht
5/24/03 It's coming together. Awesome. Thx. Robert Thompson
5/18 Great Trail! Andrew Oacks
5/18 Brian Lipscomb
5/18/03 Beautiful scenery. Great hiking. Great place to rest. Richard from L.V.
5/18/03 What a change in scenes. It's turning into a show place. Steve Rusin
5/18/03 We came, we saw, we cleared the camp so it can be forever more ??? Robert Thompson
5/18/03 Another beautiful day in Paradise. Tino
5/18/03 Vice P??? was here, work Sat, Sunday. Look very good for next time for S?? Mor??? Here for the thrill of it. Nice weekend. Richard F
5/24/03 White powder gold helps with healing - check internet. The General
5/28/03 Karen Norris, Terry Metcalf
6/6103 Brenda was here!
6/6-8/03 Worked a lot, drank a lot, slept a lot. Was pure joy! Thanks a lot General, Paul & Chewy
5/8/03 You need to see the before pictures. Turning into a livable space. Steve Rusin 43
6/8/03 Remodel & renovations; ceiling, rug, shower & water tank pad, comp I tent pad, generators, lights. He's getting serious! Jim, Tino, and Paul worked their butts off - thanks! Respect yourself, life, and this place. Thanks General. Loree Thunderbolt Wow! I fell asleep! I was here it was fun! Terra
6/8/03 Yee Haw The General 6/8/03 Pretty neat - lots of hard work Linda Miller & Buddy
6/11/03 - about 11 am Been here 5 days camping I working 1 drinking I 420ing and relaxing waiting for the General to return again. Enjoyed Tino's company and hard rock mining with him. Hope to work here again wI Tino and stay longer here at "One Park Place" - Paradise - days have been hot but wI a little breeze it's not bad at all - in the shade. Nites and mornings are perfectly cool. The cicadas or noisey bugs are very noisey in the mornings and afternoons but they are a very welcome sound. Did not see any animals, just lizards, bugs, mosquitoes and some scary humans. Keep the legend alive Flint and hopefully something very good will come of it! Thanks, Hard Rock Miner J.C.H.
6/13/03 Friday the 13th was lucky for us. Our water tank is here. Hope people appreciate and don't destroy. The General
6/13/03 Life is sure grand. I worked on stairway an around cabin. Great. Paul A. Albrecht
6/13/03 Things getting better here! Shower out back! Enjoy! The General Wednesday Came in Tuesday noon - didn't notice smoke till late event - watched most of the night. Left early Wednesday. Tino
7/18/03 Thank the Lord!!! The fire break worked! Thanks to all that helped!!! Jerry Cheatham passed on and will be missed terribly!!! He loved it here and helped very much!!! His grandfather found 3 billion in gold in N.M. and was murdered over it, the treasure from The Mine with the Iron Door? Only Geronimo knows and he ain't tellin! The General
7/18/03 -12:20pm Fri. Wow the cabin survived, thank the Lord. The fire came within 3/1 feet "the Aspin Fire" did not consume this special place in the "Santa Catalinas." Thanks again, General, for getting me here! We moved a lot of burned down trees and rocks to get here today - wow - dirty - planes overhead seeding us. We sit here having lunch and enjoying life. A lot is burned, it will return. Your friend, Jim Hicks 44 Thanks for the tour John & Seth Elliott, Tucson Thanks for the mine tour. Alex & Stan Stachowiak, Tucson Thanks Keeny & Chris Mecum, Tucson Well, it's Father's Day and I'm going to see my kids. Been here since last Friday. Love it up here. Tino
6/16/03 Wilma Hugger, Flint Carter, David Russell and wife, and daughter. Flint and I sat here and enjoyed the peace. The Russell's went to their claim of white gold Blessinqs on this place and all those who find their way here. David Russell & Tina Dear Flint, I'm very happy for the beautiful thunderbird you gave me, TAK (that means thank you in Danish) and for a great experience. Good luck to you and your nice little palace. (heart) Bine
8/5103 The Van Darns rode in by horses. Took nothing - stop by to say hi.
8/13/03 Santa Catalina Trail Crew Mike "Sunshine" Watson Clara Peterson Leland Vought
8/19/03 Glad it survived Mike Watson Todd Puis, USFS - not much else did - Summerhaven is in ruins - I guess removing underbrush really helps
8/19/03 I like this place! Todd Puis *Hey General, your claim was floating away. Bottle not weatherproof.
8/24/03 Welcome - Please enjoy internet (www.greatamericanwildwestshow.com - Cody Stone link) The General
8/24/03 I sure enjoyed it up here. Time away. A walk alone. Love it. Then they came so goodbye! Paul A Albrecht
8/24/03 - 1 :OOpm Sunday Us three stooges up here again - Nice day - Hot actually. The burned out area is starting pretty good to return - in some areas - grass, cat claw. Buggy wI flies. Had good lunch. Too hot these days up here. Won't return till winter snow we hope - lots. Maybe Thanksgiving? Still need rain! Rockhound Jim H. 45 J I
9/6/03 Sat Kurt Keller
9/6/03 Sat Thanx General for your hospitality!! Nathan Keller
9/06/03 With blessings and deep qua??? for the m??? this place and the chance to be ???ed with the project
9/6/03Well, General, we clear out last and the place made it, so let's hope that the hard work we did today works too. Thank you, General, for allowing me to help. Place is beautiful. Thanx. Robert J. Thompson
9/6/03 Today in St. Louis the Great American Wild West Show lives on. Hallelujah!! The General
10/6/03 2 more days and I'll be 56. Came here on my birthday 1978. God bless America!!!! The General
10/6/03 Bless the spirit of Buffalo Bill and Geronimo Chocise. Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Torbayoth Joseph Michael (then ???)
10/5/03 Your comments will be in new book The Canyon of Gold"
10/18/03 Gold still glitters in the ground - hidden secret - like a laughing crown! Look around, there's something worth more than gold!!! God bless!!! The General
10/18/03 Love is the way I walk in Gratitude on the General's slopes of "Gold" ... and when I walk here I do not walk alone ... For he goes with me Valerie Skinner Paul Skinner
10/18/03 Once again, the wonder of this place, not just beauty but life as beauty in all places one with ?? heart. David Russell 46

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