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There are many free music apps that can be downloaded, without charge or registration, and played on a smartphone, iPad, iPhone or Android device.

The music industry has heavily regulated, and enforces, what songs can be downloaded online for free. Most of these songs are in the public domain or given away by the artist.

Entertainment Magazine provides links to legal and authorized web sites to download and listen to music on the Internet or on a mobile device.

These legal MP3 and streaming public domain audio tracks and songs can be downloaded, edited and copied for free. No registration is required. Since these songs are in the public domain, they are legal to download. Free Music FAQ.

Free movies in the public domain can be watched and downloaded. Watch music videos for free. Gratis downloaden.

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Muziek downloaden gratis.

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These links are from iTunes RSS news feeds of updated new and popular apps for music:

These links will open a new browser window to launch your iTunes application and display the requested page.

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