Free Shipping: Promotional Codes

Save on free shipping with promo codes

Codes give an added discount on the sale total

Promotion codes, also called coupon codes, are a popular way to get an extra discount with an online purchase. Not everyone has access to promo codes, since they are often published through affiliate web sites and not available on the merchant's site.

While promotional codes are often used to get extra price reductions, many merchants are expanding its use to cover free shipping costs. This savings can amount to several extra dollars.

But, it is not always necessary to use a promo code for free shipping. When an online merchant advertises "free shipping" through one of its links, the discount is provided at check time. Some people prefer to use a specific promo code in case there is an error during checkout.

Free shipping promo codes will be popular during the holidays

As an enducement to conclude an online sale, more merchants this 2008 - 2009 shopping season plan to offer free shipping and free shipping promo codes.

How to use free shipping codes

Be sure to copy down the code when you see it. Make note of any expiration dates. Often, the merchant will not show the promo code during checkout.

When using a free shipping promotion code, double check to make sure if the code is in capital letters or lower case. Some codes may not work if they are not entered correctly. If you have a problem with a code, contact the advertiser directly.

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