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  • All COuntries: International Webfetti (USA, CAN, AUS, NZ, IRE, UK, Turkey, India, Western Europe, Latin America, other countries) The new product from FunWebProducts. Webfetti allows users to create and place Generators, Layouts, Glitter, 3D Graphics, Smileys and Cursors on their Social Networking Sites. Some of these include Myspace, Facebook, Hi-5, and many more. When individuals want to stand out, Webfetti is the perfect tool. Webfetti now has SEXY content!
  • US: $250 Amazon gift card to use at Amazon.com for everything on sale at Amazon. Users have a chance to win a $250 visa card that they can put towards Amazon.com, the world's best shopper site! US residents only.
  • US: Nintendo Wii Bundle with $250 Gift Card. The Wii is still the best selling console this generation and with thousands of Wii owners trying to get in shape, what better way than Wii Fit? US only samples.
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