The Stick People

By Tracie K. Reed

Long ago, there lived an eight year-old little boy named Brice, who loved to help Wiz the Wizard. One day Wiz asked Brice to clean his closet out for him. Brice said, "Yes, I would love to." Even though Brice knew the wizard could clean it up with his magic. But Brice also knew that if he cleaned the closet up for him, he would get something special in return.

After a few hours of cleaning the closet, Brice was finally finished. Wiz handed him a blue soft bag with a gold rope tied around it. He then told Brice that he had earned this special magic. He also said to Brice to be very wise on how he used his magic, because this magic made things come to life. Brice was so excited. He thanked and hugged Wiz and then started for home in a hurry to share his special gift with his grandpapa.

On his way home, Brice ran into Alexander and his friend John. Brice did not like these two boys, because they were always picking on him. Alexander asked Brice what it was that he had in his hand. Brice said, "Nothing." Then he tried to hide it behind his back. Alexander managed to grab the bag from behind him. He asked, "What's in it?"

Brice grabbed part of the bag pulling it and said, "It's just some sand. Now let it go and leave me alone."

As the two boys were pulling it back and forth, the gold rope untied and the magic dust fell out all over a small piece of log. Alexander and John laughed at Brice and gave each other a high five. Then, they ran away. Brice stood over the small piece of log in tears. He then picked up the log and ran all the way home to his grandpapa, who was in the basement were he fixed things."

Brice told him everything that had happened and handed his grandpapa the log. He took the log and said, "Don't worry, go to bed and in the morning you will see what it is that I have fixed for you." Brice smiled and went upstairs to bed. His grandpapa began curving away at the log.

Early in the morning when everyone was still asleep Brice got up and snuck downstairs to see what his grandpapa had done for him. He was amazed by what he was starring at. Trying to be quiet from the excitement he whispered, "Wow! Stick people, about three of them." He then heard a voice. It asked, "Why are you whispering?" Brice got startled and jumped back.

He then heard another voice. It asked, "What are you doing down here without grandpapa?" It was Brice's older brother, Andy. Brice said, "Be quiet. I only wanted to see what grandpapa made for me from my magic log." Andy asked, "What magic log?" Brice did not want to be in trouble for sneaking down into the basement, so he told his brother everything that had happened. They both stood there staring at the stick people in amazement waiting for them to say something again. Of course Andy did not hear when the stick person spoke up the first time, so he didn't believe Brice that they were able to speak.

After a few minutes, finally one of the stick people asked, "What are you staring at?" Andy and Brice got frightened and jumped back. Brice exclaimed, "They really do talk!" Andy accidentally knocked over the little canisters of paints that were next to the stick people. Andy said, "Now look what happened! They have paint all over them. What are we going to do about this mess? Grandpapa is going to be upset." One of the stick people said, "Don't worry, we will get it." Brice asked, "Are you sure?" One of the stick people replied, "Yes."

Brice asked, "Do you have names?" The stick person answered, "No, you have not given us a name yet." Brice asked, "Me!" The stick person said, "Yes, we know everything that has happened, because when grandpapa made us; he told us about the magic and the wizard. So will you please give us a name?" Brice said, "I will think of names in my sleep and name you later in the morning. I must go back to bed because it is to early and we are not suppose to be up yet." Brice and his brother went upstairs to sleep until everyone else got up.

At sunrise when everyone did get up, Brice and Andy quickly got dressed and asked their grandpapa if they could go into the basement to see what he had made. Grandpa pa said, "Yes." So Andy and Brice rushed down stairs. The stick people were still standing on the counter where they had left them. They even still had the paint on them.

Brice asked, "Why do you have a piece of candle on the top of your head?" The stick person answered back, "When you ran upstairs to go back to bed, you turned the light off. So I took the top of the candle to see what I was doing while cleaning the paint up." Brice looked at him and said, "Then I think I will call you wicker." Brice looked at the stick person next to Wicker and said, "And you I will call you Sap. Since you have sap in you coming out." The two stick people smiled and said, "Thanks, we like the names." The other stick person was still waiting for her name. Brice looked at her carefully and said, "How about Spring, since you have a little leaf on your finger." Spring looked up at Brice and said, "I love it."

Wicker said, "We would like to meet Wiz the Wizard." Brice said, "Sure, but I have to tell my mother were I am going." Brice went upstairs to ask if he could go outside. His mother said that he could. But only for a short time. Brice also thanked his Grandpapa for the things he had made for him. He just smiled back at Brice and said, "Now you take good care of them." Brice knew that he would. So Brice and his brother got a small basket to carry the stick people in and headed off to the castle were the wizard lived.

On their way Sap, Wicker and Spring stuck their heads out of the basket to see the land they were walking over. Spring said, "Wow! There is so much land here!" They all walked across the green grassy hills to the castle. Once they reached the castle Brice told them about the magical garden the wizard had and that they could probably stay there. Brice knew they would be happier living with the Wizard and that he could visit them when ever he wanted.

They started to walk slow in the garden looking all around them. Wicker looked around and asked, "What are those flying things that are giggling at us?" Brice replied, "Oh, those are fairies. They won't harm you." Andy said, "They seemed to be quiet friendly." Brice told the stick people to stay right there while he went to let the wizard know about them. He said, "I'll be right back." Brice and Andy went into the castle to find the wizard. Wicker, Sap and Spring started to walk around to explore the garden.

Suddenly an ant came up behind Sap and began tugging at him. Sap exclaimed, "What are you doing? Get off me you creature!" The ant replied, "Creature!" Sap said, "Yes! What are you doing?" The ant said, "I did not know sticks could speak, especially colorful ones. I was simply trying to take you back to my home for the queen." Sap asked, "Do I look like I need to go to your queen?" The ant paused for a moment and then replied, "Ugh, ugh, no." Sap said, "Good. Now be on your way creature."

The ant said, "By the way, I am not a creature. I am an ant. The best ant around. But I see that you are in no need of my services. See you later." So the ant turned up his nose and went on his way. Spring and Wicker were laughing at Sap. Sap commanded, "Stop laughing at me. He was going to take me to his queen."

Suddenly Wiz and the two boys appear in the garden. Wiz said, "So these guys are the fascinating ones you speak of. Yes, you are welcome to stay here in the garden, but I must warn you of the birds that are around here. The fairies will help protect you."

Spring asked Brice to bend down far enough so that she could tell him something in his ear. Because they were only about a foot tall and she couldn't reach up to his ear. Brice bent down for her to speak to him. She said, "Brice I don't think the wizard knows I am not a guy." Brice laughed and said, "Oh, you don't have to worry. I'm sure he knows. He was only using that for an expression. The wizard heard her tell Brice and said, "Sorry, I will say, you guys and girls next time." Spring said,' Thanks, that would be more like it."

The stick people were happy to hear that they could stay in the garden. Wicker said, "Thanks Mister Wizard."

Wiz told them if they needed him for anything then they should just call for him. Suddenly the wizard disappeared in some mist. Brice told the stick people he had to go home, but he would return to visit them. Brice and Andy said, "Good bye for now." Sap, Wicker and Spring. Said, "Good bye." Then they decided that they would explore the garden some more. So they continued on their way. Until the next time for their explore.

The End

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